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Ghost investigations in and around Ohio

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Our Ghost investigations results. 
Are you experiencing things you believe to be paranormal? Contact Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team at  We will respect your privacy. Your ghost investigation will not be listed here without your permission.
We have been experiencing quite a few cancellations recently, some only a few hours before the scheduled time. If you are not sure you want ghost investigators in your home or business or have not talked it over with your spouse first, please do not schedule an investigation until your are sure that is what you want. A lot of time, preparation and traveling goes into an investigation.
Use the investigation links at the top of the page to view our most recent cases.
Below are some of the cases where it all began.

Ghost Investigations at
Homes, Businesses, Buildings
Public Ghost Hunts & Investigations

Galloway Haunted Home pg. 2


Prospect Place Ghost Hunt photos


Hannah House Ghost Investigation


Moonville Tunnel Ghosts


Waverly Hills Ghost Hunt 2006


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Contact us at if you are in need of a ghost investigation in Ohio or the surrounding areas.

You might be addicted to ghost hunting if you spend more time at paranormal forums than you spend at work.

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
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