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Other Ghost Investigations we have done

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Ghost investigations at  private home and businesses.
Contact if you are experiencing things you believe to be paranormal.  We will respect your privacy.  No cases are listed here without the home or business owner's permission. 

December, 28, 2007
Location: Shauck, Ohio
Private home
G.H.O.S.T members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris M.
Client states this house has been known as a haunted house for many years.  She has attributed a lot of the phenomena to old wiring, old pipes, mice and all the things that go along with a house dated pre-1900. But there are just some things she has not been able to shrug off such as apparitions and voices.
Client says events usually start around October and end in February in this 7 room home, Client was painting when she felt a touch on her right shoulder. When asked if anyone was there she heard a whispery voice say in a black southern accent say the name Silas.

A lady in the white dress with long hair holding a candle has been seen by several people. A local boy claimed he was pushed down the stairs by a man named John.

There is a story that a doctor that used the upstairs as an office would bleed people. and that a stain on the living room ceiling below the room upstairs is believed to be blood.
Former owner would not enter the basement. Client reported feelings of fear in the basement as well as hairs standing up on back of her neck and tingling.
The story that a doctor had an office in the upstairs is true however the stain is not blood but appears to be a water stain.
The basement had very high man made EMF readings near walls and exposed wires that may account for sensations felt down there. However we did experience high spikes in areas where there was previously no readings and no apparent reason for the high readings. Attempts to get repeated spikes failed.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other sounds recorded: None
Photo evidence: None

November 30, 2007
Location: Amelia, Ohio
Private mobile home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris M, Chris B, Chris F,
Client reported that an apparition of a boy is often seen by the bed and going in and out of the walk in closet in the master bedroom. The walk in closet door was jerked out of client's hand. She has experienced something passing through her while sitting in a chair in the living room.
Video cameras were stationed in the master bedroom and another in view of the walk in closet. Nothing unusual was experienced by the team.
We were not able to find an explanation for the closet door to be jerked out of clients hand.
We found very high EMF readings from an alarm clock radio and a phone on the night stand. There was extremely high EMF in the walk in closet. The back wall of the closet is the same wall that the refrigerator sits up against in the kitchen. We suggested that the alarm clock radio and phone be moved to another location away from the bed and to keep the closet door closed while sleeping, as studies have shown that long term exposure to high EMF may cause hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, feelings of being watched, depression and other ailments.

Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other audio recorded: None
Photo evidence: None

October 27, 2007 thru November 2007 and on going.
Location: Laurelville, Ohio
Nursing home building
G.H.O.S.T. members present: All members at various times.
The building has been empty for about seven years. It was last used as a nursing home but is under renovation. The client contacted G.H.O.S.T. after her daughter had something poked her in the back while working in the hall. People have reported hearing voices and seeing apparitions. Friends that enter the building are uncomfortable and some say they will not return. There is a piano in the common area and sounds of a piano playing have been reported. Recently it was reported to G.H.O.S.T. that doors have been opening and closing by themselves.
G.H.O.S.T. observations:
Some members were very uncomfortable in rooms 1 & 2. Although I am drawn to the place a feeling of dread washes over me each time I enter the building.
Loud knocks and bangs were experienced but most were found to be the radiators heating up or cooling down.
On a following investigation I walked through a large cold spot, which felt exactly like sticking your hand in a freezer. It started several inches up from the floor, and was about 3 feet long. After trying to locate the source and failing I called the others into the room to check it out. After a few minutes it was no longer in that same spot, it had moved a couple of feet away but felt weaker. Then it slowly dissipated. We never found the source.
What sounded like a nurses call button was picked up on audio but not heard by the group. While we were outside taking a break 3 shrill buzzer sounds were picked up on audio. These sounds were so loud and shrill we feel it would have been impossible not to hear them outside. Water in a sink was found turned on but no one present had turned it on.
Evps recorded: none
Video evidence: none
Other audio recorded: Nurses call button, shrill buzzer sound
Photo evidence: None

October 12, 2007
Location: Near Athens, Ohio,
Historical school - museum
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Angie, Darla, Bev. Chris B. Chris F.

G.H.O.S.T. was asked to try to document paranormal activity that was said to be occurring at the historical Rome-Canann Campus buildings located in Stewart, Ohio, just a few miles from Athens, Ohio. There are three buildings on the campus, Rome Elementary School, Rome-Canaan High School and a gymnasium.

Todd, a special effects designer, was asked to help design a haunted attraction on the campus. Todd had attended school on the campus. He decided to base the haunted attraction on the legends of Athens. He started researching the legends, most of which he said he was able to debunk. But it was when he started researching Mt. Nebo, an area of land bought in the late 1800s by a spiritualist named Jonathan Koons, that he started to experience things when in the campus buildings after dark. He heard voices say "Heaven or Hell" and "make a choice brother." Props activated by motion detectors would turn on when no one was around.

When G.H.O.S.T. members Chris F. and Chris B. entered the high school to retrieve equipment they both heard a distinct male voice.

The urinal in the bathroom which had not been used in a long was found filling with water flowing from the pipes. Chris B. discovered the handle to turn the water off was missing and had to use pliers to shut it off. We had all walked through this bathroom that night and there had not been water running and no water in the urinal. We didn't think the building had running water because we were told that there the only working bathroom was in the main building.

Audio recorders left in the building had sounds such as loud bangs, movement, snaps and pops. A moan was also captured on the recorder when no one was in the building.


September 28, 2007
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Duplex, Client lives in lower half, upper half unoccupied.
G.H.O.S.T. Members present: Brenda Darla, Chris F.
Client's report their toddler was only one year old when his Uncle Frank committed suicide and was too young to remember him. He is now 2.5 years old and says things like  "Uncle Frank wants a cup of coffee" and "Uncle Frank is in the bathroom."  Up until this time he had never seen a photo of his uncle. Client purchased the home after Frank's death so he had never been in this house.
Clients report they have seen shadows in the kitchen. They have heard footsteps walking across the floor in the upper half of the duplex when no one was living there. Basement lights are found on they were sure they had been turned off. The bathroom sink faucet has turned on by itself. They are very uncomfortable in the basement. A child's brand new potty seat, the kind that plays music, started playing the music by itself.
The client had watched a TV show that suggested taking photos if you think your home is haunted. She took numerous photos. Some were of a pan of boiling water on the stove. In the steam rising up she saw the face of Frank. She said that everyone she shows it to agrees it is Frank. The photo does resemble a photo of Frank but I feel it is just a case of paredolia, what ghost hunters call matrixing, the mind making something recognizable out of a random pattern. Like seeing animal shapes in the clouds or a face on the moon. I explained this to the client but they weren't convinced and still feel it is Frank.
Although we are not plumbers we found the faucets appeared to have good washers and did not turn on easily when in the off position. A video camera was place in front of the sink. The faucets did not turn on during the night.
Basement light switches appeared to worked properly.
Audio recorders were placed throughout the house. Even though it was night neighbors were still outside and their voices were picked up by the recorders making any evps that may have been captured invalid.
While in the upper half of the duplex we heard what sounded like a door open downstairs. The clients had left the house to us for the night so we knew no one else was in the house. We came downstairs to investigate and of course found no one. It was during this time that the recorder I had in my hand picked up this sound which we did not hear. It is a sound of metal on metal. It reminds me of a child pushing the keys of a toy piano or xylophone one at a time. There was nothing hanging down that we would have bumped into to create this sound. We would have heard it. Client states there is nothing there that would have created the sound.
In the audio clip below you will hear us talking and a car go by, then the clanging noise.

A second investigation will take place in January.

click here to listen

September 21, 2007
Location: Groveport, Ohio
G.H.O.S.T. Members Present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris F.
Afraid her crime of stealing and forging names on checks belonging to her landlord was about to be revealed, the pretty young Groveport mother of three decided she could not let that happen. On July 2, 1956 she murdered her landlord and his wife. Their bodies were found two days later on the bathroom floor.
The house sat vacant for a long time after the murders, no one who wanted to live in a where two elderly people were viciously murdered. Finally the price dropped so low that a local family decided to buy it. Not long after moving the owners mother started to see the murdered woman moving about the house.
A neighbor reported that late one night she saw a woman standing in the bedroom window. At the time the bedroom was only used for storage, was rarely entered by the occupant and never in the middle of the night.
Today the owner's son and his family live in the house. They have seen an apparition in a yellow shirt. The apparition has also been witnessed by various friends and visitors. Visitors feel uncomfortable in the bathroom and while down the basement. Friends have reported hearing noises in the house, knocks and raps.
The lady of the house reports that once after putting her newborn baby in it's crib for a nap she came back to find the baby completely undressed, it's clothes folded neatly next to it's head. No one but her was in the house. Another time while in bed she heard someone walking down the hall. The only other people in the house were the children and they were asleep in their beds. She could tell by her dog's reaction that he too had heard the footseps.
The client's father reported the feeling of being followed up the basement stairs and avoids going down the basement by himself.
Sometimes the first floor bedroom TV changes channels on it's own, they will change it back, walk away and it will change again. In the middle of the night the volume of a TV in an attic bedroom was turned up full blast. The client went upstairs to investigate, found his daughter in bed sound asleep and the remote was across the room on the floor. They said the daughter doesn't like sleeping in her room.
The client's wife said while in bed she heard someone walking down the hall while no one else was home but the kids in bed sleeping and the dog was with her and heard it too.

Our findings: A moaning sound was heard by Chris & Darla while doing evps in a first floor bedroom. This sound was picked up by the voice recorders in the living room and basement as well. We were able to debunk the moan as a sound the front door makes if opened with a little force.
We did not capture any evps. Video shows one anomaly that so far we can't explain.  A small round ball of light appears to pop out of a TV stand, in fact it makes a "pop" sound when it appears. It then disappears quickly. There is nothing in the area where it appears to cause this light. The blinds were pulled and the door was shut.
It is not the typical dust orb floating by. We are still trying to figure out what this may be. If anyone has seen anything like this or knows if perhaps it is simply a camera glitch we would love to hear from you.

Click here to watch the clip.

This photo is from the end of the video when I turned the lights on.  The area within the yellow circle is where the light appears. You can see there is nothing next to the TV or on it that could be the source of the light.


A few days before our investigation one of our team members was installing cable in the home and while in the basement he felt something poke him in the back.
Another Columbus paranormal group visited the home about a year prior to us and captured 3 evps.

September 7, 2007
Location: Eastside Columbus, Ohio
G.H.O.S.T. Members present: Brenda Darla, Brady, Mark, Chris, Bev.
Also present were two new potential members, Chris F. and Jim
Clients are renovating this large home built in the 1800's. They are not currently living there. The house was once a hotel for black musicians and is rumored to be part of the underground railroad. An older man died in upstairs bedroom in his sleep.
Client reports hearing noises from upstairs, a child or baby like laughing or giggle. An aluminum ladder was heard rattling upstairs while client was alone in the house. The dog is afraid to go upstairs and stands at the bottom of the stairs and growls. Voices are heard coming from upstairs. Both are uncomfortable when alone in the house.
Personal observations: Four members of the team were  doing evps on second floor and all heard a voice at the same time, however they could not agree on what the voice said. Two were using sound amplifiers and thought they heard "get out."  One member thought they heard "no" and another member thought it sounded more like a sigh. It was not picked up by any of the voice recorders in the area.
While packing up equipment on the second floor at the end of the night I heard something knock three times. Darla came into the room and it happened again, exactly three knocks. This happened a total of three times. We were able to determine the room it came from but were unable to determine the source of the knocking.
Nothing unusal was recorded on video. An odd sound was recorded in the basement but was not heard by anyone in the house at the time. The client states she has never heard this sound but thought it sounded like a dog. It does sound like a dog's yip, however there were no dogs in the basement or house that night.

July 13, 2007
Location: Mogadore, Ohio
Church now used as a college
G.H.O.S.T Mmembers present:
Brian, Darla, Angie, Jessica, Chris, Brady, Brenda, Bev

We were asked to try to document paranormal activity at a college in Suffield, Ohio. Originally built as a small church, online records indicate that later additions has brought it's size to about 5800 square feet. In the lower level there what is believed to be an escape tunnel which is now sealed off. The building was used as a medical office in 1960s as
well as a retail store. There is a cemetery on the property with
headstones dating back to the 1800s.

Client Description of activity: The client stated that he is psychologist and a forensic science specialist. He said he cannot explain the phenomena that has been witnessed within the building. His daughter heads up what he describes as a college level paranormal club and she has recorded numerous evps. A cloaked male has been seen roaming the building. Apparitions have been experienced in the cathedral, halls and in the bathrooms by several people. Sounds such as church bells, organ music, choirs singing and babies crying have been heard.

Personal Observations and findings: On the lower level in the class room just outside of the area where the tunnel is located several team members thought they saw shadows and heard whispers. Of the six voice recorders used throughout the building half of them had problems. One recorder with fresh batteries and all folders empty would not turn on inside the building. After the batteries were changed several times it still refused to work. Finally after playing around with it outside the building it decided to start working. A second recorder with fully charged batteries and all folders empty, was placed in the chapel on the podium by Darla. When it was retrieved it was discovered that it had only recorded for 15 seconds, just long enough for her to leave the chapel. A third recorder was discovered by Jessica to have been turned off. Of the three recorders that did work several had possible evps. Nothing unusual was found on video recorders or in numerous photos.


Friday, June 15, 2007
Location:  Wooster
G.H.O.S.T. Members  Present:
Brenda, Brian, Darla, Brady, Bev, Jessica
Client Description of activity: Client was told by landlord that a man that used to live there was murdered about 8 years ago in back bedroom and dragged to the utility closet where he found. Client reports that the utility closet door knob has rattled, loud and vigorously. Client told there was a little girl murdered in the same building about 15 years prior. Landlord would not release the names or exact dates. Client reports cold spot in the room where the murdered was said to take place. He has heard the voice of a man clearing throat "ahem"  behind him. Client has found objects moved from one side of the room to another. Client states he witnessed cans flying out of pantry and landing on dining room table located several feet away. Client has found cupboard doors open when he knows they were left shut. 
Personal Observations: Apartment windows are at ground level and parking lot is just outside the windows as well as a porch where several residents sit.  We could hear walking in above apt. We clearly heard people in hallway and outside talking. People came and went outside all night and in the building, their voices and footsteps could be heard inside the apartment and picked up by voice recorders. A loud conversation from another apartment could be heard while we were in the living room. No knocks, taps or unusual sounds heard inside the apartment. We found the cans stacked in the pantry haphazardly. However simply walking by or shutting doors did not make the cans fall. Cans we purposely pushed out fell straight down.  Cabinet doors had magnet latches. All appeared to latch properly except for one cabinet closer to the floor. No cold spots were found or experienced. Nothing unusual was observed by the team.  Nothing unusual was documented on video, audio or photos.
We have been unable to verify the murders.

June 1,2007
Location: Ravenna, Ohio
Private home.
G.H.O.S.T. Members present: Brian, Darla, Angie, Brenda
Occupants reported being shoved by something unseen, hearing laughter, dishes moving and seeing what they described as a ghost cat. We were unable to document any of the reported activity. Nothing unusual was experienced by the team. Further investigations are needed before reaching a conclusion.

May 11,2007
Location Villisca Iowa
Axe Murder House
G.H.O.S.T. Members present: Angie, Darla, Brian, Bev, Brenda
In June 1912 a family of six and two overnight visitors were axed to death in a house in Villisca Iowa. To this day the case has never been solved.
Many claim to have experienced voices, mist, apparitions and strange events in what is known as the Villisca Axe Murder House. Others claim that nothing paranormal has ever happened there, that the current owner is just trying to make money off of the tragedy. Five members of G.H.O.S.T. decided to make the 12 hour trip to spend the weekend at the house to see for ourselves.
When you enter the house an overwhelming sadness takes over. You find your mind envisioning scenes of what happened in each room on that fateful night.
We recorded two possible evps in answer to direct questions. Some knocking sounds were picked up recorders. The knocking was not heard by any of us while in the house or outside. In one of the videos it appears as though someone moved a video camera at a time when no one was in the house. Two of us saw a shadow, each at a different time. in the same location.
We found that people's voices and sounds from outside are picked up quite easily by the audio recorders. We feel that there is the possibility that many of the evps that have been recorded at the Villisca house when the recorder was left unattended may not be evps at all but voices from outside the house. Neighborhood children play outside until very late in the night and people in the neighborhood come and go throughout the night Their voices can be heard inside the house even with the windows closed.
In what is known as the blue room, where the Stillinger girl's bodies were found, a recorder picked up the neighbor's dog barking and it sounds like the dog is in the same room with the recorder. We were warned that a cat howls at night sounding like a human cry and sure enough it did.  We were also told that kids in the area have been known to pull some pranks when they know ghost hunters are at the house.


Friday, April 6th, 2007
Chillicothe, Ohio, Ross County
Mobile home.
G.H.O.S.T. Members present: Mark, Chris, Brady, Bev, Brenda
Client report of activity: Female occupant reports her adult son has seen ghost since he was a child.  The son reports awakening to see a naked woman laying in fetal position beside him in bed.  Son also reports sounds coming from trash can in bedroom.  Son awoke recently with small bite or puncture wounds on his head,arm face.  Mother took son to hospital and they said it looks like mice bites.  Father has confirmed during walk through that there is mice in the trailer and he has set traps.
Father reports being in bed and upon waking up cannot move his arms or legs.  He had a strong sensation of being held down and only seemed to be able to move his head back and forth, but iwas able to call out to his wife for help.
The smell of pipe tobacco in hallway has been experienced by occupants on several occasions as well as an apparition of an old woman crouched down in the hallway.
Female occupant reports seeing apparitions of children with very pale skin and long black stringy hair.  She feels threatened by their presence.  She states her son, has been seeing spirits since he was little.
Client reports neighbors have also seen unexplained things in their homes.
Findings: Mark examined the son's mattress and found mice had chewed holes in it as well as a hole in the floor.  We have to agree with the hospital report that the marks on son's face were probably due to mice bites.  Mice would also explain noises from the trashcan in this same room.  The son's bedroom walls were covered with posters of nude women in the fetal position which may contribute to the nude apparition he saw in his bed.
We feel the father may have experienced sleep paralysis.
We did not experience nor can we explain at this time the tobacco smells, the woman apparition in the hallway or the children apparitions. Nothing unusual was found on voice recorders or video.
Client has reported all has been quiet since our visit.

March 30, 2007 
Elyria, Ohio
107 yr old,12 room house.
G.H.O.S.T. Members present: Angie, Brian, Darla, Brenda
Clients description of activity: Client has lived in the home about a little over four months.  The first night client spent in the home she and her son were awaken by voices coming from the kitchen and the sounds of pots and pans being moved around.  Thinking that previous occupants still had a key and had returned or perhaps someone had broken in, she and her son fled the house and did not return until morning.  Other events experienced in the home include sounds of the oven door slamming shut, an apparition of a young man was seen in the kitchen and an spparition of an older man was seen in the children's bedroom.  Chairs were heard moving in the kitchen. Footsteps are often heard as well as knocks on bedroom door and flashes of light are seen.
Findings: While sitting in the foyer on the second floor Brian heard voices from behind him.  Sounds similar to fingernails tapping on a drinking glass were heard coming from a child's bedroom by myself, Darla and Brian.  Several minutes later Angie heard taps behind her in a different room.  The sources of the tapping sounds were not found. Nothing unusual was experienced in other areas of the house.  The oven door was tested to see if it would open or close due to jarring or not being closed properly.  We found neither to be the case.
Nothing unusual appeared in photos or video however unknown voices were picked up on the voice recorders. 
In the following clip Angie is talking about the taps she heard, at the end of the clip we can hear a very low "it's me"

It's me

In the following clip we were discussing the tapping on glass sounds from another room, at the end of the clip we hear a male say "a king"

A king

More investigations are needed at this location before reaching a conclusion.

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007
Location: Grayson, Kentucky
Secluded unoccupied farmhouse
G.H.O.S.T. members present:
Brenda, Brady, Angie, Bev, Mark, Chris

Client Description of Activity:  The last four tenants reported seeing apparitions to the landlord.  None of them knew that the tenants before them had also experienced apparitions.
Reported by the tenants:  A man dressed in Sunday clothes was seen in the main floor hallway.  A young female child ghost was seen by female child living in the home at the time.  One tenant reported waking to see the ghost of a man standing over his bed with a rifle stating "here is your money."
The client stated that a female child died in the house due to childhood illness of the day and was buried on the property.  The man that built the house was reported to have died from an injury he obtained while he was building the house.
Personal Observations: Mark experienced cold spots during EVP questions.  Bev experienced unexplained conversations in the house and music.  Brady also experienced unexplained voices. Several of the group smelled roses in a bedroom.
There was one questionable event recorded on video and one possible evp recorded. 

Saturday, Jan 06, 2007
Location: Eaton, Preble County, Ohio
G.H.O.S.T. Investigators present:
Brenda, Angie, Bev, Brady, Chris, Brian, Darla.
Client Description of Activity:
Unexplained noises in attic rooms-walking around. Glowing green light around closed door.  Apparition of tall stern looking man dressed in period garb.  Apparition of male child with straight cut blonde hair dressed in period garb. Whispers in the ears.  A swirling green vortex with an apparition of a leg coming out of it was reported by teens to appear in the attic bedrooms.  Noises in the kitchen like pots and pans being moved.  Many friends and family report seeing lights, hearing noises and other paranormal activity in and surrounding the house. Male presence in the house seems to stop any paranormal activity. Client believes a brick outlined shape in yard to be a grave and stated there was a tombstone found on the property.  Client states no one has lived in the home for 4 years.  No one will stay in the home for long due to paranormal activity and very strong male dominate spirit being present.  Most of the actvity is reported to be in the bedrooms and attic rooms.

Upon entering the house Angie saw something go from one room into another.  She saw this head on, not out of her peripheral vision.  At this time we did not know that the room she saw it enter was a room where activity is reported to happen. It also is the room that leads peripherato the attic bedrooms where other activity has been reported. Angie described what she saw as a tan large mass moving swiftly.  While sitting back and observing later in the night sounds were heard from the kitchen as if something heavy fell. Nothing could be found as the source of the sound.

As I was going outside for a break I heard mumbling that sounded like it came from the front area of the house. There was interference with 2 video recorders. At one point while others went into town Bev and myself heard the sounds that a car would make when on a gravel driveway.  However there was not a car in the driveway and no cars had went down the road at the time.  Nothing was caught on video or audio, other than the camera inference, which cannot be called paranormal at this time.

Mansfield home - October 20, 2006  December 1, 2006
Homeowner reported seeing a child on the stairs leading to the bedrooms, having her hair lifted straight out while stting on the couch. This was witnessed by several other people. Other reports were the TV turning on and off, smell of food cooking, scent of deceased husband's cologne, sounds of children playing when her own children were asleep and various sounds from the attic including toys turning on.
Two investigations have been conducted in this home which was built in 1910. The husband recently passed away in the home. On the first investigation I was talking to the homeowner in the room her husband slept in and something tapped me hard 3 times on my shoulder. I did not image this. On the stairs where the child apparition was witnessed an odd orb was recorded that seemed to be 3 overlapping each other and flipped over end to end very rapidly.  We are still on the fence about this but most agree it is a piece of dust, and I only mention it here because it was quite odd compared to other dust orbs seen in videos. The Columbus Dispatch accompanied us for this investigation. The article can be located on our media page.
A second investigation was conducted on December 2, 2006. Several cold spots were detected in the room where the husband slept and tests for drafts were conducted but none were found. Several sounds and taps were heard but the source could not be located. Video cameras and voice recorders were set up in areas with reported activity. We were unable to document any activity on video or audio.

Zanesville home October 27, 2006
The home is located on an old military base. It was a two unit apartment. The complaints of activity are many. It was reported that several apparitions had been seen, a male child, a black woman, a woman in her 30's with red hair and the glimpse of a little girl, children's laughter, footsteps, a coffee pot that levitated, toys that turned on by themselves, the basement door pushed open with force, slamming into a wall behind it, sounds of marbles being dropped in one of the bedrooms and photos found turned around.
The electric in the home is all ran through conduit on the outside of the walls making it easy to locate for emf purposes.  We found that we could hear the sound of a child running through the back wall which is shared with the other apartment. Although we did not hear any voices while we were on the second floor this could explain some of the voices heard by the occupants.  We found that the door reported to be pushed open takes a little force to be opened from either side when tightly closed. When the front door is opened or closed the basement door tries to pop open, but does not come fully open.  One of the group, Bev, felt a touch on her back while in the main bedroom. The toy in the basement that came on by itself is battery operated and still had batteries in it. Several members of the group have stated that they have experienced things coming on in their own homes when batteries were low. A video camera was set up in the location where the apparitions had been reported. After about 40 minutes the camera started to go in and out of focus. This happened several times over ten minutes. There was no change in lighting and no movement in front of the camera could be seen. I have been told that it could possibly be the brand of tape or a bad spot in the tape. Hundreds of recordings have been done with this camera and this has only happened one other time, which lasted about 45 minutes and a different brand of tape was used. More research into this phenomena is required.  Several voice recorders were placed throughout the home but found nothing on the audio recordings.  A future investigation in the home is planned.

Marion home - July 2006 - ongoing.
Entering this home is like stepping back in time. The home is filled with beautiful antiques. The home was purchased about two years ago and the owner began doing some heavy renovations. The owner and his daughter have reported seeing a black shadow, pets acting odd, doors slamming and whispering voices. 
We have conducted about 5 investigations in the home so far. Several members of the team had personal experiences in the basement of the home. Two of us were touched on our arms multiple times while in the basement during the first two investigations.  Another time a shadow was seen on the same night, at 3 different times,  by 3 different investigators.  We saw something that seemed obey our commands and at the same time seemed to defy gravity. A video camera went completely out of focus for no apparent reason and stayed that way for 45 minutes before returning to a perfectly clear picture. So far we have not been able to find a reason for this happening.  On one of the last investigations the home owner reported that his dog would go to a closet in the basement that has an old well located in it and just stand there as though waiting for something.  The dog had never done this before. We witnessed the dog's strange behavior that night but we could not determine what had the dogs attention. He did not bark, just stood there. We opened the door and he started to climb in the direction the well is located but suddenly backed out as though something scared him. We could see nothing that would have scared him. On another occasion we picked up several possible evps but cannot make out what is being said. We definitely feel something is going on in this home but so far other than the evps we have not been able to get solid documentation.

CD101 Radio Station Columbus, Ohio - July 14, 2006
The story goes that way back when the building was used as a stable for work horses, it caught fire and a woman died. Another story is someone hung themself on an upper floor.  Yet another story is that of a DJ's daughter that was sleeping on the floor while her mom worked.  Seconds before a heavy piece of studio equipment fell a ghostly woman woke the little girl by telling her to move.  Mike Folker, the weekend DJ, told us about the time he walked out of the studio and knew the blinds were open but a few minutes later when he returned they were closed. He was alone in the building. He said the place can be pretty creepy at night.  We didn't see any ghosts but one person with us felt something slap the back of his head.  While we were there we got to talk about our team and web site on the air and that was pretty cool.

Hawk's Tavern At The Mill, Lancaster Ohio July 1, 2006
If you read the book Haunted Ohio you will find that there are three ghosts said to be seen in this tavern.  One is the ghost of a clerk in the former office, another is the ghost of a woman in the basement. The third is a ghost wearing a brown jacket.  The  proprietor told us some stories as well.  The place is huge as far as taverns go.  We were unable to turn off the electirc and the loud noise from refrigeration units made it hard to do evp work.

Ghost investigation East Canton, Ohio June 24, 2006
We had a request to investigate the home of a woman in her 80's that said she had several ghosts in the home.  She still drives, mows her own lawn and takes care of herself. We have a psyhcologist on the team and he confirmed that the medications the lady takes would not cause hallucinations. She was very consistant with her stories. She told us that at the beginning of the year a female ghost with blond hair started showing up in her hallway every night. She said sometimes she had other ghosts with her including small childrens's ghosts. They talked to each other but she could not make out what they were saying. She said their talking kept her awake. They would not answer her questions and ignored her except when the female would just sit and stare at her. She requested that they leave but she said it was if they could not hear her. The woman told us that another lady had come to help when all of this started and she had covered up a hole she said the ghosts were using to come into the home. We finally figured out she meant a portal. When I spoke to other family members they confirmed this woman had been there and claimed to have covered a hole.  We were unable to document any activity on film or audio.  At the client's request we are having our friend Robin, who says she has a sixth sense and can see and communicate with ghost, visit the home.

Ghost Investigation private home Dublin, Ohio June 23, 2006
The lady in this house told us her mother was murdered when she was only 4 years old. After she became an adult she received the jacket and jewelery her mother was wearing at the time of her death. Since then she feels a ghost, posssibly her mother, has been following her from home to home. She hears unexplained noises and often has trouble with the electric even after having it declared fine by electricians.  Nothing unusual happened during our investigation. There was strange light in a photo on the outside of the house that we cannot be sure of.  All we know it is not a flashlight, bug or light from another house.


Ghost investigation Orville, Ohio June 16, 2006
The client in this home said she took a  photo of a woman in her child's bedroom and another photo of something unexpainable in the window of the same room. Her children were afraid to sleep in the room. She often heard footsteps when no one else was in the home She said her husband was very uneasy any time he had to be in the room alone. The photo did have a shape of a woman in it but we determined it to be caused by the flash on the enamel paint, and what looked like eyes were little dings in the wall. We could not explain what was in the photo of the window. It had the shape of an old glass Pepsi bottle be looked to be suspended in air. No evps were recorded. Nothing we would call ghost activity was experienced or recorded by the team.

Ghost Investigation private home Columbus, Ohio  June 3, 2006
The owner of this home was doing major renovations.  She was seeing a black figure in one of the bedrooms and had heard whispers.  We were unable to document anything. Further investigations needed.

Ghost Investigation private home Dover, Ohio May 12, 2006
The client grew up in this home. She experienced some things in the home she thinks might be ghost activity. She recently inherited the house and wants to sell it but wanted it investigated first. Our member Mark had an unusal experience there. While in the basement he had a vision of a train set up on a table in a particular area. He mentioned this out loud and the client told him there had indeed been a train layout in the exact spot. Mark has never had visions before. Several unknown voices including a moan was caught on the voice recorders. Our friend Robin says she can see and communicate with ghosts and she will be visting the home soon. The house is being sold so we are unable to do further investigations.

Heal evp


Ghost Investigation private home Canton, Ohio 5/24/06
The clients were very scared. They were sure they had a poltergeist. While being interviewed both husband and wife broke down in tears several times. They did not want to be present during our investigation and left the home to us.

They reported that most of the activity occurred in the basement and began after finding a black cross in the home which was described as being homemade and thought to be used in some kind of ritual. They often heard demonic growls, voices, footsteps, shadows, toilets flushing by themselves. A TV was found on the floor that had been on a table and a poster was ripped off the wall immediately after the client said he saw a black shadow in the same area. A neighbor reported seeing something demonic in the attic window of the home and had drawn a photo of it. The client told us it was the same figure he had seen in the area where the poster was torn from the wall.

We learned they had a psychic visit and some other people that were "into ghosts" and they also had the home blessed. They were advised by others to bury the black cross in the yard. They had hung crosses in doorways and there were an array of items to ward off evil spirits. But they said things only got worse.

We were shown a photo friend or relative had taken a photo in their house that looked to have two red eyes in it.

We found that vehicles passing the house sounded like demonic growls. The poster was huge and heavy, held up with only thumb tacks. We believe it was simply too heavy for the thumb tacks. There is also a window in this same area with the kind of glass that is thick and made with swirls in it to prevent others from seeing in, but headlights could been seen coming through this window as cars passed by. We feel the figure seen in this area was caused by distorted light from passing cars, causing a shadow and if seen by someone already upset by other events they thought were occurring could think they saw a figure. We dug up the cross to have a look at it and discovered it was not homemade, just an ordinary ceramic cross, nothing sinister about it. The photo of the two red eyes after we lightened it turned out to be a red Elmo doll laying in the floor. When someone was walking up the stairs leading up to the bedrooms it could be heard in the basement as though someone were walking on the basement steps. The toilet flushes by itself due to a leaky water seal.

Nothing was captured on video or audio recordings.  We found no evidence of poltergeist or ghost activity.

We were able to debunk most of the events. We feel these people had been suffering needlessly and their fears were being fed by the misinformed. We found out after our investigations that some occupants had practice black magic in the past.

Ghost Investigation - Columbus Ohio vacant house April 22, 2006
In Briggsdale, Ohio sits a house that many have said is haunted.  I grew up hearing the ghost stories. When the house became vacant I was able to get in touch with the new owner and arranged for our team to spend the night in the house.  We did not experience any paranormal activity that night we were there. We may arrange another stay in the future.

Ghost investigation private home Amherst, Ohio March 17, 2006
We received an email inviting us to investigate what was said to be a very haunted home. The owners said the house was over 200 years old however we found property records that stated it was built 1860 making it closer to 146 years old. That is still very old and the activity they told us that was happening on a nightly basis was too much to resist.

At one point during the investigation one of our members was standing near the basement stairs when he heard footsteps on the stairs but no one was there. At the same time he saw beads that were hanging in the doorway move. The stairs leading to the bedrooms on the second floor are directly over the basement stairs and I was coming down at the same time he heard the footsteps. We determined that footsteps he heard was actually me coming down the stairs above his head. While looking for a cause for the movement of the beads we discovered that a couple of feet in front of the doorway there was a heat vent with a cover that directs air and it was pointed toward the door. There were also several cats running around that could have slipped by and not have been noticed. This same member got a voice on his recorder that was in the basement along with the owners voice recorder. However a couple of the cats were shut in the bathroom and their meows could be heard down in the basement through the vents and was picked up by our recorders so anyone in the bathroom talking could also be heard and picked up by the recorders. There have several other ghost and paranormal groups that have done investigations there. I would advise them to take this into consideration when evaluating anything recorded in the basement of the home.
We were unable to document anything we couldn't debunk except one sound of movement that came from a bedroom. There were several cats in the house and although we didn't find one in the room after hearing the noise, there is still the possibility that it was a cat.
We later learned that client's intend to turn the home into a haunted bed and breakfast.

Ghost Investigation private residence, Cincinnati, Ohio March 3, 2006
This was a small two room apartment which was actually an attic at one time. The rooms below were vacant and we had access to them as well. Client stated that odd things started happening after the people that lived in the lower half moved out. Client and son both complained of hearing voices, footsteps on stairs and thumps. He was very concerned he had a ghost because he would hear knocking on his window and he was living in an attic and there was no way it could be a human knocking. His cats recently had started hiding behind things, refusing to come out even to eat. We were able to determine that the knocks they heard were caused by squirrels on a small thin ledge under the window. No evps were captured or footsteps heard during our time there.

Ghost investigation private residence, Cincinnati Ohio  December 2005
Client's daughter reports the ghost of a man appears in the bedroom and tells her to get out. Black shadows were seen in the bedroom and hallway. The mother had never experienced anything and we got the impression she didn't really believe in ghosts.  We learned after we had been there a while that her daughter watches Ghost Hunters and begged her to have someone in for a ghost investigation. Perhaps this was a case of a child's imagination

Ghost Investigation Highland County, Ohio November 2005
We were called to do an investigation a house that was being renovated. Tools were coming up missing and would be found in strange places like in the fire place. Cupboard doors would slam shut, whispers and bangs were often heard. A shadow person had been seen. We were told that only two people would be there but when we arrived at least 10 other people there. I guess they were excited that ghost hunters were coming. Needless to say we were unable to document any unusual activity.

Boyfriend Ghost?  Private residence, Athens, Ohio 2005
The client and her daughter had been experiencing many unusual things in the home but the strangest one was a phone message left on the daughters cell phone by her deceased boyfriend months after his death in a traffic accident. The call was not listed on her phone bill and she states her phone company has no record of the call. We were able to listen to the message, which had been recorded to cassette tape. There was a male voice which client claims to be the boyfriend and a few seconds later the sound of an awful crash. However at this point we have no way of verifying the call. We were unable to document
anything we would consider ghost activity.

Ghost Investigations Private home Canton, Ohio October 2005
Client would find doors open that she knew she had shut. On several occasions she heard whispers behind her but when she turned around no one was there. Items would come up missing and then be found later in odd places. She saw shadows out of the corner of her eyes. We found that all doors in question shut tightly and could not be opened unless the handle was turned. Nothing was documented on audio or video.

Ghost investigation private residence Waynesburg, Ohio 2005
Clients report seeing apparitions numerous times, hearing voices when no one was present, often felt something unseen sit down on bed. Ceiling fan was reported to come by itself. Nothing was documented by G.H.O.S.T. in the home.

Ghost investigations at a private residence in Hilliard, Ohio July 2005
Client's husband had committed suicide and not long after she began to notice strange things happening. She believes the events to be caused by the ghost of her husband. Objects would suddenly fall off the shelves. Water would turn on, voices heard when no one else was there, cat appearing to follow something client was unable to see. Her teenage son often saw a female appariton in his room which client thinks is her grandmother. Nothing was documented during several nights investigating the home.

Ghost Investigation Beauty Shop Chillicothe, Ohio 2005
Employees thought the ghost a former owner was haunting the beauty shop.  Strange noises were heard. A cart had rolled across the floor by itself. The employees had done some investigating on their own. They had a video they wanted us to see and later sent us some photos of orbs with faces, taken by some other ghost hunters.  We determined what they were seeing in the video was dust floating around and the orb photos were merely dust or reflections. There are many,many mirrors in the shop and getting photos without orbs would be rare.  Upon arrival we found the cart that rolled by itself was on wheels and the floor was slightly unlevel and that was what caused the cart to roll.  A strange thing did happen while we were there.  I was walking from the back of the shop to the front where everyone else was,  I heard adoor open and then close from somewhere behind me.  I could tell by the look on Angie's face and the others that they heard it too.  No one was back there, everyone was up front.  However we were unable to determine which door it was.  All were open when we checked. Although we heard some strange things in the shop we were unable to document anything.

Ghost investigation Tatto Parlor Hillsboro, Ohio 2005
The owners said the ghost of a woman is often seen in one of the side rooms. Customers have also reported seeing ghosts.  Small hand prints appear on a mirror. A sweeper was seen to move by itself.  Unaccounted for noises were often heard.  Nothing was documented by G.H.O.S.T.

Ghost Hunts at Cemeteries
Foster Chapel, Madison County, Oh
Concord Cemetery, Grove City, Ohio
Seeds Cemetery, Grove City, Ohio
Galloway Cemetery, Galloway, Ohio
Ebenezer M. E. Cemetery, Ohio (Hell Branch)
New Hampton Cemetery, W. Jeff, Ohio
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, West Jeff, Oh

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