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Haunted cemetery photos and other cemeteries

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Known to be haunted cemetery photos and other cemeteries that may or may not be haunted, taken while ghost hunting at night and during the day. 
  Please note that we do not claim that the photos or videos on this site are in fact ghosts. They are anomalies we found to be interesting.
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ghostly mist.gif

Greenlawn in Columbus, Ohio is known to be haunted. Notice the thick mist on left side of photo. The rest of the picture is very clear so this anomaly can't be blamed on camera movement or shutter speed. Photo on the right is a close-up of the mist.

ectoplasm, black ecto mist.gif

Black mist seems to be watching from the gate. It is not a tree, it is right in the middle of the road. Ghost Hunters member Jeff did not realize he had company! This photo was taken in N. Carolina. We do not if this is a known haunted cemetery.

Seeds,  Grove City graves, monuments orbs .gif

Seeds Cemetery, also known as Thomas Seeds is located just outside of Grove City. This was one of the first cemeteries we visited at night. 

grave stones in  pictures. Ohio photosgif

Lockbourne Cemetery, located on Landis St. in Lockbourne, Ohio. This graveyard is thought to be haunted. We didn't stay long because the dogs across the street barked continually, driving us crazy.

Greenlawn mausoleum ,ghosts photos1.gif

Haunted Greenlawn Abbey. Although the mausoleum is very close to Greenlawn, just down the road, it is not part of it. Thurston The Magician, a friend of famous magician Harry Houdini is entombed here. I live about a mile from Greenlawn Abbey and have all my life. The stories of hauntings go way back. The photo on the right shows what it looks like on the inside.

brick  above ground graves, North Carolina.gif

I haven't seen many above ground graves like this in Columbus. These shots were taken in Goldsboro, N.C.

grave stones in snow off in a cornfield .gif

This one is known as Plague Cemetery. It is located off Lockbourne Road, in the middle of a cornfield. It is hidden from view in the summer when the corn is high, but very visible from the road in the winter. Legend has it when people died from the plague they buried them in the middle of the field to prevent spreading the disease.

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
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