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Ghost Hunting Tools for Ghost Hunters

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When you start ghost hunting you will find there is all sorts of tools or equipment you'll want. 
Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team Tools
Sony camcorders
dvr - 4 camera capability
Wireless camera
Cameras, variety
Voice recorders, variety  
Motion sensors
RF meter
Sound amplifiers
external microphone
high quality tapes
thermometer, (ambient, not  contact thermometers)
paper and pen, for case notes and events
walkie talkies
Emf meters. We no longer use emf meters as a piece of ghost hunting equipment. We do use it for seeking out very high magnetic fields that may cause paranoia, hallucinations, illness.


Below is a great place to purchase ghost hunting tools including voice recorders. features meters for light, sound, pH, pressure, UV, EMF, & radiation; plus timers, stopwatches, thermometers, weather & environmental quality instruments, refractometers, & gadgets.

The place for
Visit Technika for ghost hunting tools
ghost hunting tools

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