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GHOST Investigations 2008

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On this page you will find G.H.O.S.T. investigations for 2008.
While some reports of paranormal activity can be easily debunked on the first investigation it is not always  possible to determine that paranormal activity is occurring with only one investigation.

Upcoming cases:
1/2/09   Lancaster, Ohio business (canceled)
1/9/09  Athens, Ohio business.

December 12, 2008
Bellvile, Ohio
House dated 1951
G.H.O.S.T. members present Brenda, Diane, Bev, Marian, Chris P. Chris F. Chris B. Carolyn.

Client's observations: The house was once a double. In the last two years they began opening entire house into one unit.  What was once an apartment over the garage was turned into living quarters for  the teenage daughters, which consists of bedrooms, large TV/sitting room, computer room and bathroom.  Since the remodeling the girls began experiencing banging on the walls, doors opening and closing, electronics turning on and off, things falling off of shelves, cold touches, shadows, chuckles and whispers.  A shadow was seen on the stairs by other family members.  Orbs were captured on photos.
Multiple video cameras monitored the rooms and the stairs.  Several evp sessions were held and one of the daughters participated as most of the events seemed to be centered around her.  Temperatures in all rooms were monitored for changes.
Our observations:  While in the sitting area some fairly loud sounds of movement were heard coming from the computer room.  Although the printer was known to make an occasional noise, this noise came from another corner.  Several members sat in this room during the evening but could not determine what was causing the noise.  The outside was checked for tree limbs brushing against the house and possibly falling icicles that could account for the noises.  None of these things were present.  It is possible a bird was in the eaves at the time the noises occurred.  This could not be ruled out.
Nothing unusual was experienced during our time there other than the noises from the computer room.
We found some things that might explain a few of the events experienced although not all of them.  We noticed occasional tiny particles in the air which could account for their orb photos.  The shelf where things had fallen in the past was not level. When several members were sitting in the first floor living room their voices, although faint, could be heard in the girls rooms upstairs.  The closet door was difficult to latch.

Video Evidence: None
EVPS Recorded : None
Photo Evidence :None
Other Evidence: None

December 5, 2008
Walton Hills, Ohio
House dated 1948
G.H.O.S.T. members present Brenda, Diane, Bev, Marian, Chris P.

Child's Room:
Reported activity: Knocking on window
Two video cameras, temperature sensor & motion sensor monitored this room throughout the night.  An inspection of the outside of the house showed that there was nothing near the window, no tree limbs, that no loose wires, nothing that we could see that would have made a knocking sound. An evp session was held in this room by Brenda, Diane & Bev. No evps captured during the session but a faint evp was recorded earlier as Chris approached the room to check on the equipment.  Just as he enters the room a male voice said hi.  This voice was faint and the clip below has been amplified.

Hi evp

Master Bedroom:
Reported Activity: Figure standing in door
A video camera, temperature sensor and motion sensor monitored this room throughout the night.
Living Room/Dining Room
Activity Reported: Voice heard in living room coming from dining room saying "Bo"  A fork came up off of a plate.
Video Camera monitored this area. Temperature was monitored. Several evp sessions held in living room throughout the night.  Various sounds heard throughout the night determined to be heating system. 
Basement, first room at the bottom of the steps
Activity Reported: Child, while standing at the top of the stairs told his mom that "they" wanted him to come down and play.  His mother said he appeared to be very frightened and did not want to enter the basement alone.
It is very hard to determine what is really happening when it involves children in this age range. Is it imaginary or is it real?  Because he was so frightened and because of things experienced in the home by other family members we approached this as a real event.
A video camera monitored the stairs throughout the night. A motion sensor was placed on the lower steps and in view of the video camera.
Basement Toy Room
Activity reported: None
After hearing sounds from the basement area two team members went down to try to determine where the sounds were originating. They thought they were coming from this room so they decided to sit in there just observing.  While in the room they heard footsteps overhead, which would be a small hall that is off of bathroom, other small room and the front door.  No one was walking around anywhere on the first floor when the footsteps were heard. We then walked the hall to see if it was the sounds they heard and they said it sounded exactly the same.
The guys complained of feeling strange in the room, lightheaded and disoriented. There is a very high electromagnetic field that runs lengthwise across this room, about 3 feet up from the floor as well as near the wiring overhead.  The emf may have caused the guys to have the sensations they were experiencing.  Later when all of us were in this room we did not hear footsteps nor did we experience the feelings that the other two had experienced.  After the investigation we were told that the child and his playmate had heard footsteps over head while in this room.
Some studies have shown that exposure to high emf for long periods can cause paranoia, chest pains, hallucinations, headaches, feelings of being watched and illness. I suggested to the client that they should not use this room as a play area until an expert checks it out. In the last contact with the client she said she had already set it up.

Basement- Room with fireplace.
Activity Reported: None
While trying to find the source of the sounds mentioned above Chris P. and Marian walked through this room.  One of them had a voice recorder in his hand and an unknown voice was captured on it. It sounds like a female voice.  Both investigators were male and no females were in the basement nor does this voice belong to any of the females in the group.  When you listen to this clip you will hear one of the guys say he heard that creaking over there and then there is a female voice. We are not sure what is said or why.  It almost sounds like "cringe" or "quench."

quench evp

Kitchen/Basement door
Activity Reported: Door slammed with force.
We attempted to recreate the door slamming. Opening or closing other doors in the home did not appear to cause a vacuum that would make this door to slam or move even the slightest.  We could not try was the main garage door as the clients were not there.  If the main garage door was open and the door in the kitchen leading to the garage was open the basemnet door may have slammed when someone shut the main garage door.  I later suggested to the client to test this.
Video Evidence: None
EVPS Recorded : 2
Photo Evidence :None
Other Evidence: None

November 28, 2008
Chagrin Falls. Ohio
House built in 1850
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Chris B. Chris P. Marian
Client's observations: Music playing, banging on the walls, footsteps,
drawers found opened. While on second floor footsteps were heard on steps and on the first floor.
Areas of interest were monitored by video, temperature sensors and motion sensors. Several evp sessions were held.  People came and went while we were there. Sounds and voices carried through the vents.  Nothing unusual was experienced by the team during our time htere.
Video events: None
Evps recorded: none
Photo evidence: None
Other audio recorded: None

November 21, 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
Type of dwelling: house dated 1941
Arrival time: 9:00 PM
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Chris B. Diane, Marian, Chris P.

Client stated that they rented the home two weeks prior but since the first has not been staying in the home.  They had already decided they were going to move but wanted to see if we could document any unusual events.  They have experienced their hair being flipped by something unseen, the sound of marbles being dropped, but no marbles found, writings on the shower wall, son saw an apparition on the basement steps.  Client has heard banging on the wall and the children have seen shadows. Her daughter had a cell phone photo
with a white blob on it that she had taken in the basement.  A knife was found on a bedroom floor that had not been there earlier.
The client had people from the church came to bless the house. One lady told the client that something evil was in the house and said that there were signs of satanic worship in the basement.  Needless to say
this family was very frightened.

The client said that she had not noticed the pale writing on the shower wall before. The writing was not on the wall when we were there and had not appeared since the first time she saw it.  Since they had only stayed in the home one week it could be that the writing was done by a previous tenant with soap and because it was pale could have had gone unnoticed the first few days of living in the house.
The daughter showed us where the cell phone photo with the white blob was taken.  There had been several people sitting on the curved sofa at the time.  From the angle she shot the photo and the position of the others seated there it is very likely that she caught the person was was sitting closest to her arm moving.  It would have been very close to the camera which would have caused the arm to be out of focus and appear on the photo as a white blob.
Evp sessions were held throughout the night. All areas with reported activity were monitored with video, temperature sensors and motion detectors. There were no unusual changes, sounds and no personal experiences.
In our report we advised the client that maybe she should give the house more time. There was no reason, in our opinion, based on what the family said they had experienced so far, to believe any of it was
caused by something evil.  We have no idea why the lady from the church told the client there was evil in the house.  She only feed her fears and made matters worse.  Many of the events could have non-paranormal explanations such as the writing on the shower wall.  Finding a knife on the bedroom floor was odd.  No one admitted to having a knife in the room, but that does not necessarily make it a paranormal event.  We do not believe the blob in the photo to be paranormal.  We did not witness the bangs or sounds of marbles so we cannot say if they were paranormal events or not having only done one investigation.
I have tried contacting the client several times since I gave her the report, to follow up and to see how she is doing but I have not been able to reach her.  I do not know if she went ahead with the move. 

Video evidence: None
Evps recorded: None
Photo evidence: None
Other audio recorded: None

November 15, 2008
Location: Columbus Ohio
Type of dwelling: home dated 1955
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Bev, Chris P. Marian

This was the second investigation in this home. See section below for reported activity.
Before an evp session we played a cd of various RF levels that was given to me by a fellow ghost ghost hunter. He has been experimenting using RF before evp sessions and noticed an increase in evp captures. We did not capture any evps on this investigation but we do plan on trying this method again.
It was an uneventful evening until about 3:00 AM. Chris P. and I were in the daughter's bedroom when he saw a video camera move. My back was turned so I did not see it when it happened but when reviewing the video the camera did indeed move quite a bit. The camera was plugged into an electrical outlet. I was very near it at the time and I may have unknowingly pulled the cord with my foot although I did not feel it. My feet were not in view of the camera nor was the cord. My foot causing the cord to move the camera cannot be ruled out. Again this event happened during the time range that the client reports things happen and in the same room that the motion sensor was having issues. We feel that further investigations are warranted. We believe the occupants have experienced things they tried to rationalize and couldn't, and because we had issues with the equipment on two occassions in the same room, during the same time frames the clients experienced events. But for now the equipment issues will be considered coincidental until proven otherwise.

Video evidence:video: None
Evps recorded: None
Photo evidence: None
Other audio recorded: None

October 17, 2008
Columbus  home
Type of dwelling: house dated 1955
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Chris B. Bev, Diane
Client stated that things usually happen between 2:00 & 3:30 AM. He has seen a figure come from kitchen area and move down the hall toward the bedrooms. He has felt fingers touch his back and has witnessed a ball of light come toward him. He felt something grab his arm while in his bedroom. Things come up missing and turn up several days later in places that were previously searched. His wife has seen a male figure and their daughter heard a male voice in the bedroom tell her to get out. Overnight guest have experienced things as well.
Nothing unusual happened during the first 4 hours. A little after 2:00 AM a motion sensor which was in view of one of the video cameras in the daughter's bedroom came on. Normally the light will come on and stay on for about 15 seconds when it senses motion.  This time the light came on and then immediately went off. This happened several times in a row.  The heat was off so we know that there was no air coming from the vents causing anythingin the room to move. Although the sensor had fresh batteries we changed them. It appeared that it was the batteries because it did not come on again the rest of the night.
I was not satisfied that the batteries were the cause because I knew they were new batteries. So the next night I decided to do some tests. I put the old batteries back in and left the sensor on for about 4 hours. The only time the sensor light came on was when I moved in front of it. It stayed on for about 15 seconds as it is supposed to do. It did not go on and off quickly as it had done in the client's home. Thinking that a fly or other bug may have been in the room and set it off I tested dropping small wads of paper in front of it. It did not sense the wads of paper. A temperature sensor had been nearby that night so I placed a temp sensor close to the motion sensor thinking it might have been RF that was the cause. This did not activate the sensor. Ok, so maybe IR light from the camera caused it. The next investigation we sat the sensor in front of the camera and  the only time it came on was when we walked in front of it. It worked as it should and stayed on for about 15 seconds. It never went on and off erratically. It still had the old batteries in it that I had put back in
it during the other tests.
Although the time that the sensor started behaving erratically was around the same time that the client reports events happen in the home for now we are going with coincidental as there may be other explanations that we have not thought of.

Evps recorded: none
Video evidence: none
Photo eidence: none
Other sounds recorded: none

October 10, 2008
Erie Pa.
Type of dwelling: campus buildings
Arrival time: 9:00 PM
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla Chris B. Chris F
G.H.O.S.T. was invited to see if we could document paranormal activity at Mercyhurst, a Catholic college located in Erie Pennsylvania. There are many ghost stories surrounding the college however at this time we have not come across any documents to back them up.
We were to investigate Egan Hall, the Old Main Chapel and Taylor Little Theatre. Unfortunately when we arrived we found that we were not able to do Egan Hall. There was an event going on in the Old Main building so we only had access to the top floor and basement area.
We did experience a door closing on the top floor. The door was being held open because it was up against a filing cabinet. In trying to recreate the door closing we found that when walking by and bumping up against the door it would slowly close however it took a much harder touch to get it to make the same sound as it hit the door jamb. We can't rule out that it may have been bumped by a member who had walked by it about a minute prior to it closing.
Footsteps and sounds of movement were heard in a locked attic area. Security opened the lock for us and several members went in to check it out.  They found an extension cord swaying back and forth for no apparent reason and nothing was found to account for the footsteps.
The security guys told us about an apparition seen in the basement level so we headed down there. We set up the video cameras and audio recorders and left them to run.  Audio at this time had some odd noises that we have attributed to the heating and cooling system. We returned later for an evp session.
I would like to thank the Student Activities Council for inviting us. We had a great time.
Video events: None
Evps recorded: none
Other audio recorded: Determined to be non-paranormal
Photo evidence: None

September 19, 2008
Middletown, Ohio
Double unit built in 1900
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Bev, Diane

Client report: Client believes her mother's death was not accidental but a murder but unfortunately she cannot get the authorities to check into this possibility. She and her family have witnessed doors opening and closing, someone heavy sitting down on the bed, footsteps, random tapping noises, microwave that sets it's own time
and starts running, an apparition in the bedroom closet and the sounds of beads falling. The client's young daughter hears sounds from the heat vents.
The client had several photos with things in them that were not supposed to be there. However when zooming in on the photos to determine what these things were it caused them to be very blurry. The client had also done some audio recording on her own and had heard some light taps in response to her questions. She had a video recording that showed something white streak by but in our opinion it is a bug and the camera compensating for the low light.

I cannot go into the details of her mother's death or why she thinks she was murdered but I can say that a lot of the activity experienced by the client does appear in many ways to be connected to her mother. For instance the sound of beads falling, her mother always wore beads. She had been wearing them at the time of death but when she was found the strand was broken and the beads were scattered in the bed. The microwave that randomly sets it's own times and starts running belonged to her mother. I would like to note here that the microwave could have defective parts. We have researched and found instances of microwaves not responding when the keypad pushed to set the time but in those instances it was just a delay and it would start running within a few seconds or so. The client says this was never an issue, the microwave always responded normally and came on immediately when she used it. But sometimes, even in the middle of the night she would hear it beep, usually 3 times as though someone was setting the minutes and seconds on the keypad and it would start to run. The time settings were always different, never the same.  When she called the manufacturer she was told that they weren't sure what could cause it to do this but she should quit using it.
The client's husband was skeptical of things and tried to rationalize what his wife was experiencing, is until he  saw her mother's apparition come from out of the closet.
Our observations: Voice recorders and video cameras were placed in the areas of interest.

The client brought the microwave out of storage. When she pressed the keypad nothing happened. She said that had never happened and the microwave was working when she stored it. We did not have a video camera on the microwave as we felt that we needed the available cameras in other areas and were doubtful that anything would happen with the microwave but if it did we would hear it.
The mother's ashes are kept in the master bedroom. This is also the room where something heavy is felt on the bed and where the apparition was seen. When I went to use an electrical outlet in the master bedroom I found that both were in use. I unplugged the fan being very careful not to unplug the alarm clock as it would cause it to have to be reset. Just to be sure I had unplugged the right cord I asked the others if the clock was still on as I could not see it and they confirmed that it was. We then left the room. When we came back to this room later to try for evps the fan was still unplugged. What I had plugged in was still plugged in but the clock was now unplugged. Was this just a fluke or did something cause it to fall out?  We can't be sure  because the area where it happened was out of view of the video camera.
We were in the dining room doing evps when we hear from the kitchen beep, beep. Then the microwave started running. It had been over two hours since it was plugged in. When I got into the kitchen the timer was counting down and was at 5:14. Which I found odd because weonly heard two beeps which normally would mean that the time was set for under a minute but there was clearly over 5 minutes on the display. I could not get the microwave to shut off by the keypad and had to unplug it. After plugging it back in we positioned a camera on it but it did not come on again. Even though we cannot find instances of microwaves turning on hours after it was programmed for now we have to go with keypad and electrical issues.
When it was very quiet we could hear faint sounds from the floor vents. We believe it may be mice that have got inside the heating ducts.  The client did find some dead mice in the basement and it might explain what the daughter has heard.
Toward the end of the night while doing evps a loud bang came from the kitchen that sounded like something hitting metal. The only metal objects in the kitchen were the stove, fridge and microwave. We saw nothing that looked like it had fallen and nothing appeared out of place.
The client continues to get odd things in her photos and we believe this case requires further investigation.

Paranormal events recorded on video: none
Evps recorded: none
Other audio recorded: Loud metallic sounding bang
Photo evidence: None

August 29, 2008
Newark, Ohio
House dated 1898
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Christian, Chris, Julie
Client report:
Back stairs: Three people sleeping in different areas of the house awoke to thesound of someone running up and down the back stairs. Upon checking they found no one.
Bedroom: Friend sleeping in this room awoke to find a man standing over him. After blinking a few times the man was gone. Client has always had an uneasy feeling in this room.
Living room: Client has caught a glimpse of a black shadow figure in this room.
Client said a ghost truck goes up the driveway and around
to the back of the house.  The head lights and tail lights can sometimes be seen. But when they go out back to check there is no truck there. The driveway is the only gravel driveway in the area. Client says there is no mistaking the sound of a vehicle on the gravel driveway. Recently friends staying over night heard the truck. Several minutes later they heard the back door open and close and foot steps. There was no one there. This scared them so bad that they didn't want to stay another minute in the house and they left.
Attic: Uneasy feelings.
Observations: Video cameras were positioned in view of the driveway, back stairs, living room, second floor landing and second floor stairs.
We decided to spend some time in the attic. We didn't have a video camera up there as nothing has really happened up there other than uneasy feelings and we felt we had the video cameras in the most active parts of the house. Boy were we wrong. The attic consists of two finished rooms with a set of doors separating the rooms. The doors make a lot of noise when you open them. were in the second room and had the doors closed. A light was left on in the first room. We had been discussing the temperature monitor when it sounded like someone was opening the doors.

At first we thought it was someone from downstairs coming to join us but then realized we did not hear the attic door open and we had not heard any foot steps on the wooden stairs. When we opened the door there was no one there. A video camera on the second floor landing verified that no one opened the attic door or came up the stairs. Later a vanity light just outside the doors in the other room came on by itself. This
happened just after we had heard a light tap and Chris had asked for a better sign. Again video verified that no one came up the stairs. The client said the light is never used. The light has a switch that turns. Thinking that maybe the switch had been left in a halfway position we tried to recreate the event but could not.
One evp was recorded in the attic and another one that we are not sure of at this time. The first one was picked up when we were just sitting quietly. It sounds to us like "come in here."
Another evp was picked up in the living room. The question was asked "are you here alone or is there someone with you" As the last word "you" is spoken we hear the name John. Earlier in the night the client and I heard what sounded like three loud thumps on the wall from the living room area. Everyone else was outside taking a break at the time.
A video camera that was positioned to see the back steps went badly out of focus several times throughtout the night. There was no visible change in the lighting or any movement to have caused this. Nothing of interest was found on any of the other video cameras or audio recorders.
We plan to return for a follow up soon.


Come in here now audio

John audio

Door trying to open audio

Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: 1, possibly 2
Other audio recorded: yes, sound of door trying to open
Photo evidence: None

August 22, 2008
Canton, Ohio
Home dated 1950
G.H.O.ST. members present :Brenda, Darla, Brady, Christian

Our time allotted for this investigation was cut short due a Fed Ex truck overturned on I-71. Traffic was at a dead stop for several hours. Because of the delay and because the client had an early appointment the next morning we were only able to spend a few hours on site. We plan to do a second investigation that would allow more time to do a proper investigation.
Clients report: Client has lived in the home about 2 years. He has experienced shadows darting back and forth, footsteps overhead in the living room when no one was up there, and sounds of boxes in the attic moving. While in the basement workshop he has experienced whispers and footsteps coming from the second floor. He reports hearing a baby crying and seeing a person shaped shadow near the stairs. He has watched his 3 year old granddaughter's eyes follow something around the bedroom that he could not see. He said that lately she wants the lights on at night and sometimes refuses to sleep in the room.
Video cameras monitored the areas where the events were reported to happen, the granddaughters bedroom, the master bedroom, the entry way and the attic. Voice recorders were placed throughout the house.
Darla and Christian experienced a rush of cold air while sitting in the granddaughter's bedroom but were unable to determine a source. Nothing else unusual happened in this room.
We found that every step made on the second floor, no matter which bedroom, could be heard while in the main living area on the first floor. However, this does do not explain what the client hears as no one is up there when he hears the footsteps.
We saw no openings or signs of small animals, squirrels, mice, etc. in the attic.
We did have a few personal experiences. As we stepped outside, Christian thought he saw something in one of the rooms where a light was left on.  About a minute later I saw something move in front of the window in the room next to it. It appeared that something walk up to the windows and quickly backed away.
In all we had over 15 hours of video and audio. Nothing unusual was found except 1 possible evp recorded in the living room. Until further investigation can be done this case remains inconclusive.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: 1 possible
Other audio recorded: None
Photo evidence: None


August 8, 2008
Mansfield, Ohio
Type of dwelling: house built in 1920, later converted into 3 separate units.
G.H.O.S.T members present; Chris, Christian, Brady, Bev, Brenda
Room: Front bedroom
Reported Activity: Client saw a sandal rise on it's own, first the heel and then toe.
Observations: There was an air vent very near the area where the sandal was when client witnessed it moving. however the home did not have A/C, it was summer, very hot and furnace had not been on. Even if air would have been coming from the vent at the time we believe the sandal was too heavy for typical air from a vent to move it.
We placed the sandal in the same position as it was when the client observed it moving.Tape was used to mark the position. A video camera was stationed on the sandal. The sandal remained in place during the night.
Room: Kitchen
Reported Activity: Loud noises coming from a dresser that is in the kitchen. Cat runs away when this happens.
Observations: A video camera that was covering the kitchen area did not show anything unusual. At one point G.H.O.S.T. member Christian was leaning in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. Footsteps were heard in the kitchen. It sounded as though the footsteps were coming from behind him, moving toward him. All other members were sitting at the time so we are sure it was none of us. The sound was definitely footsteps and not the usual house creaking sounds. Although the footsteps sounded as though they were within the kitchen we need to return to try to rule out the possibility that they came from the unit next door. Oddly the recorders did not pick up the sounds of the footsteps.
Room: Back bedroom
Reported Activity:  Clients report an uneasy feeling in this room. A friend of the client told us that once she slept in the room and thought she saw an apparition and the room became extremely cold  at the same time.
Observations: A wireless camera, temperature monitor and audio recorders were stationed in this room. While sitting in this room for an evp session Christian and I noticed a man's silhouette on the window covering. It appeared to be just outside the window. When we looked out we found that a car had pulled up in back of the house and people were standing in front of the car headlights which was causing the silhouette. This room was cooler than the rest of the house. We believe it to be because the room was an add on. The temperature monitor showed a slow, steady drop in temperature from 79 to 71 while the rest of the rooms had little or no temperature change throughout the night. While in this room a loud bang happened which sounded like it came from the kitchen area. Bev, Brady and Chris also heard this sound from the living room. It sounded to be within this unit and not the one next door but we cannot say for sure. When reviewing the recordings Christian came across a voice recorded early in the night saying "help me." However while sitting in this toward the end of the night we discovered that when the neighbors were in the back of their unit their voices could be heard in this room. Because we were not in the room at the time to verify that the "help me" was not the neighbor's voice or an outside voice we cannot call it a true evp and it will not be posted.

Room: Living room
Reported Activity:
1. A latex helium balloon started moving by itself. Client states that he checked for possible air currents, turned a running fan off but balloon continued to move. At one point it stayed stationary and then started moving again. The home does not have A/C and the furnace was not running as it was a hot summer day.
2. People sitting on sofa often experience a cold rush of air.
3. Objects disappear such as lighters and cigarettes.
4. Client found a photo on his cell phone that he did not take. Client saw an evil face in the photo.
Helium balloons will only hold air at best for about 24 hours. Helium balloons can start moving, seemingly on their own, when loosing helium. We can't rule out this possibility. Client no longer had the helium balloon. There was a regular balloon in the room left over from the party. This balloon did not move except when someone walked by causing an air current. Every member that sat on the sofa felt, at different times, a very cold breeze go by. It was very noticeable because it was very hot in the home that night. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that we were not able to trace it to a source. There were no doors open, no windows open, no air coming through vents, no fans running. The photo that was on the client's phone was not a photo that one would have purposely taken.  It was at an odd angle and showed  motion blur. It is possible that it was an accidental photo. The face that appears is in the pattern of the carpet. Although the client tried to recreate the face in the photo and we tried as well , we still feel it is a case of pareidolia, what ghost hunters call matrixing.
It is probably just a coincidence but I did have a lighter disappear while in this home.
Other observations: While on a break, standing out at the road, Chris and Christian saw a bright ball of light go across the window on the second level of the house. It appeared to be moving fast and on the outside, not in the room beyond.
Results are in conclusive at this time. We feel this case warrants a follow up, preferably with access to the other unit as we need to try to recreate some of the sounds to determine if they were caused by neighbors because a  lot of the sounds came from rooms when we
were not actually in them.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: 1 possible evp recorded, unsure of true nature at this time.
Other audio recorded: loud bang
Photo evidence: None

June 27, 2008
Laurelville, Ohio
Former nursing home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Brady, Chris, Christian

We have been to this nursing home many times. We have permission to investigate any time we want and we often use it to train new members.
Not long after we arrived Darla was near the front and heard what she described as a "ssshhhh" sound come from behind her. She checked the area and found no one. Christian later found the same sound on his recorder that was in the office area up front. It almost sounds like a mechanical sound. Many strange noises are heard inside the nursing home and we have been able to debunk most of them as water pipes, radiators etc. but this was an unfamiliar sound that for now the source is remains unknown.
While doing evps we heard what sounded like someone trying to open the door. When the guys went to check there was no one there. When talking to the client about this she said the same thing has happened while she was there. We believe it was a real person and not paranormal.
Nothing else unusual happened this night.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: none
Other audio recorded: yes, cause unknown
Photo evidence: None

Date: June 20, 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Christian

Client report: Bathroom vanity mirror shakes at times. Two pictures which were leaning against a wall were found moved. Client feels she has a spirit attached to her, perhaps more  than one. Her experiences started 8 months ago in another home and feels it followed her to the new place she now lives in. She feels the spirit(s) follow her around the house, to work, the grocery store and in the car. Client described a series of taps to objects, scratches on the wall and flicks to her pillow when she's laying down. She hears taps or pops in her ears and in her stomach that she says is hard to explain but she feels this is the spirit communicating with her. She feels two taps or pops are for yes and one is for no. She has had doors close or sway. Client says she has seen what she described as an orb on the wall in her kitchen that was also seen by her mother and sister at the time. She said the orb was floating and seemed transparent with what appeared to be a star burst type pattern in the center that spread throughout the orb. Client stated she doesn't feel threatened.
Our observations: During the walk through the client pointed out that the vanity mirror was shaking at that very moment. Looking up we saw a vent on the ceiling with air coming out causing the lightweight vanity mirror to shake.

Client was going to leave while we conducted our investigation but after talking to her she expressed that she wanted to stay for EVP session since she felt the spirit(s) are attached to her and if she leaves they will leave also so she stayed for the first half of the investigation.  Client asked questions during first EVP session and explained she was hearing a series of clicks or taps/pops in her ear. No one else could hear these sounds. She felt these within her body as well.

All G.H.O.S.T. members heard faint clicks at different times but couldn't determine the source. We feel these are normal sounds that are heard in any home when it is very quiet.
We did have a few personal experiences. Christian saw what appeared to be a bluish orb on the kitchen wall near the place the client and her family reported seeing one. Christian and Bev went outside to see if the source could be light coming from outside. They found that highway was too far off and not at an angle that would allow lights to come through the kitchen window.  There were no parking lots in back of the apartment and tall trees/woods lined the back of the property.
I felt a touch on my ear and right after that we heard a scraping sound as if something slid across the granite counter top. Nothing appeared to have been moved. There were two large candle jars on the counter and we were able to create a similar sound when we slid them across the counter.

A voice that sounds like it says "beep" several times was picked up on the recorder however this happened during a time we were outside for a break and the recorder was unattended. Although it sounds as if it is right inside the apartment and video confirmed all members exited the apartment there is the possibility that is was a neighbor's voice and can't be considered a true evp.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: none
Other audio recorded: none
Photo evidence: None

May 23, 2008
Columbus, Ohio
Type of dwelling: House
G.H.O.S.T.  Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris F.

Client report. Female client claims to have had her arm grabbed at the wrist while cutting some flowers after her friend/sister-in-law;s funeral. She believes it was her friend/sister in law that touched her. Client stated she was touched/tickled while laying on the sofa. She thought it was her boyfriend but discovered he was in another room. She has heard footsteps in the area between the living room and dining room. Client's 2 year old child is deathly afraid to be in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Client took a photo of her boyfriend while he was sitting in the car and what looks like a female apparition with
long hair seems to be in the back area of the car. The photo was very out of focus and matrixing can't be ruled out but it does closely resemble a photo of her friend.

Upon arrival at the home the client tells us that her 2 yr. old was eating dinner and came out of dining room claiming he was bit on the arm by a woman. After examination of child's arm you can clearly see a bite mark. We at first thought the older brother might have bit the younger child but mother pointed out that the bite mark doesn't match since her older son has a front tooth missing and the bite mark shows all teeth.
Our observations: Video and audio recorders stationed in the kitchen, dining room, living room and upstairs bedroom. While doing evps the sound amplifier I was using developed an interference. It was the type of buzzing sound that a computer makes when a cell phone is too close to it. I passed the amplifier to Chris and he was able to hear it. The sound could not be heard with the naked ear. The odd thing is that a voice recorder across the room recorded the interference that was only heard by the amplifier and two other recorders in the room did not record the sound nor did the video camera.  We are not what could have caused this and are looking into it.
A loud sound, which sounded like a scream of pain at the time, was heard by all members although none of us could tell the direction it came from. When listening to the playback of the recorders it sounds like a very deep male voice sighing or exhaling.
This case is still open.


breath sound

buzzing sound

Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other audio recorded:  loud breath and interference heard through sound amplifier.
Photo evidence: None

April 18, 2008
Cincinnati,  Ohio
Type of dwelling: House
G.H.O.S.T. Brenda, Brian, Darla, Bev, Nancy
Client report: Sees shadows, hears voices, feels cold spots, kitchen cabinet doors opening/closing, computer mouse clicking when power is off, phantom smells,hears his name being said by a female when none are in the house. He hears footsteps going up the stairs and in the upstairs rooms. Client's girlfriend and friends report seeing shadows. He reports feeling his hair standing on end and an uneasy feeling in the upstairs bedrooms. A friend saw a figure leaning out the window in an upstairs bedroom. The client feels that the things he has experienced may be caused by his late uncle and grandmother.

Our observations: Audio recorders were place in all rooms of the house except one bedroom. Temperature was monitored. Evp sessions took place in client's bedroom on the first floor, the living room and two bedrooms upstairs.
Bev felt a light touch on her arm in the living room while we were setting up the equipment. While in the living room Darla and Brian both heard a "no" in response to a question. The "no" was picked up by a recorder but it is very, very faint.
We spent a lot of time in the upstairs bedrooms as this is where client reports most of the events happen. During this time Darla saw an orange color ball of light.Nancy and I were facing the door and could see into the other bedroom. Several times we noticed red & green pinpoint size lights on the wall of the other bedroom. The lights were appeared and disappeared quickly, each time in a different place. There was no explanation for the lights.
The client joined us in a final evp session in an upstairs bedroom because he strongly feels that it is his uncle that is causing all the disturbances and might respond to him. After a few minutes of questioning there was a sound of rustling coming from the corner of the room. There were no objects in the corner or anything visible that could have caused the sound. The room had no furniture in it except a shelf of the opposite wall. The sound was picked up by the audio
I decided to try something I had never done before. Many times throughout the night I said outloud in a stern voice "once we leave you are not to scare _________ (name withheld for privacy) any more, no more footsteps, shadows, voices or opening doors"  I don't know if it is just a coincidence but when I last spoke with the client he said it has been pretty quiet.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: one, but very faint
Other audio recorded: yes, sound of rustling
Photo evidence: None

April 11, 2008
Middleton, Ohio
Type of dwelling: House
Arrival time: 9:00 PM
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Brian, Chris B. Nancy
           Guest: John H.
Client states that she has been punched,pinched and had her hair pulled. She has seen a shadow darting from room to room down the hallway. She has heard voices call her name early in the morning when
no one else was awake. Her 3 yr. old grand daughter talks to someone in the middle of the night. Client set up a video camera and recorded the child interacting with a female as well as another voice of a child. Bed is reported to shake. There is an active train track behind the home but client said that the shaking of the bed did not occur during the time a train was on the track. She has also felt something unseen sit down on the bed. She said that at times there is an odor due to the basement flooding butshe has smelled a horrible odor that is nothing like what she is used to.
We viewed the client's video. The video itself was black as the camera
does not record in low light. We could hear several voices including children and a woman. Client states that all voices except the voice of their grandchild is unknown to them.
Clients informed us that another group that we are familiar with had been there previously and had recorded evps.

Our observations: Clients left for the night leaving the house to us.Video cameras were set up in the locations where client has experienced events. Evp sessions were held in living room, master bedroom and child's bedroom. Audio records and video ran throughout the night.Toys and other items were set out that would entice a child however none of the items were disturbed during the night.

While sitting in the living room John and Chris were having a conversation. During this time I was wearing a sound amplifier. John made a comment andI heard a male voice that did not sound like Chris, John, or Brian. I immediately asked them if any of them had said "yes it does." They denied saying it. When checking the recorder we found it had picked up those words. Chris attached an amplifier to the voice recorder and "yes it does" was as clear as can be. John's recorder had also picked up these words. Because I heard this
when it happened I am labeling it simply AP, Audio Phenomena and
not an evp.
At one pint Chris saw a shadow moving down the hall and entering a room. It was similar in size as the shadow client described. All windows in the bedrooms off of the hallway were covered or the doors were closed so we are sure it was not caused by cars going by or any of us as we were all sitting in the living at the time. Nancy saw a light flicker in the  hallway. Darla and Brian heard footsteps in the hallway.
In the same hallway John and Namcy smelled what they described as a dirty diaper.
Video shows a light of undetermined nature that appears to come down the hallway
toward the camera. This light was not witnessed by any of the group at the time. It was not seen until playback of the video the next day.  Two doors in the hallway were closed. The two that were opened were covered with blinds or curtains and the windows in the bedrooms were not in a position that would cause headlights to appear where this light appeared. Flashlights have been ruled out. Further investigation is needed before posting the video to rule out other natural causes. Client has viewed the video and states that it
is impossible that the light could be a headlight.
I spoke to the client of the phone recently and she tells me things continue to happen.We will be returning for a second invetigation.

Evps recorded: None
Audio phenomena: "yes it does"
Video evidence: possibly
Photos evidence: Photos from Nancy's camera showed some dark anomalies.
It is uncertain at this time if it is a camera error or a true anomaly.

April 4, 2008
Former nursing home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Bev, Brady, Chris, Mark
Several rooms have recently been painted. I don't know if it had
anything to do with it but the whole place had a completely different feel to it.  Usually when I am in this place I have a feeling of dread but on this night it was calm and peaceful. It was quiet all evening. Nothing unusal to report.
Evps recorded: none
Video evidence: none
Photo evidence: none

March, 28, 2009
Type: former nursing home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Angie, Chris F.
Guest: John, Carolyn
While doing evps in the hallway we kept hearing taps or knocks coming from the back room when a question was asked. Every time someone would head down that way to find the source the taps would stop. Chris and John decided to stay down there to find the source as soon as it happened. The taps did not happen during this time.
Later when doing another evp session the taps began again. This time Darla and Angie went to sit down there. Questions were asked but we weren't getting the tap and knock sounds like before. Angie asks "how come you're not tapping now?" As soon as she said this a loud tap came from right behind her.
Personal experiences: Darla and Bev felt uneasy in room 2. John felt uneasy in a small storage room in the front of the building.

Evps recorded: none
Video evidence: none
Photo eidence: none
Other sounds recorded: tap in response to question. Listen below.

tap-knock sound

March 14, 2008
Laurelville, Ohio
Nursing Home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brain, Darla, Brenda, Bev, Chris F.
guest: Nancy
We arrived about 7:00 PM. Video cameras and audio recorders were set up throughout the former patient rooms. We then left to go eat, leaving the recorders to run while no one was in the building. We returned an hour later.
Several evp sessions were done in the main hallway. Several sounds
were heard during the course of the night, such as clicks, light taps, etc. It could not be determined where the sounds originated. The sounds were not the same as the radiator sounds we were used to hearing.
While sitting in the main hallway several times I smelled urine, like an old mattress that had been urinated on several times would smell like. Darla also experienced this smell. Bev, was sitting nearby and did not smell it.
Toward the end of the night while sitting in the same place I smelled flowers. Chris F. and Darla also smelled flowers. Bev, who was still in the same place when the urnine smell was experienced did not
experience the flower odor.
Chris F and myself thought we heard a cough from somewhere inside the building. The sound was picked up by the audio recorder but it is very faint. After hearing the cough Chris asked are you in the shadows and what sounds like a male voice was picked up by the recorder.
Shadows were seen in hallway in front of room five, in the light that comes through the window and shines on the floor, from a pole light that is out in the parking lot.There is a tree between the pole light and the window. Although it was not windy we have to assume that there was enough breeze to move the branches, causing a moving shadow to appear on the floor.

Evps recorded:Yes.  Listen below.
Other sounds recorded: Yes. Listen below
Video evidence: none
Photo evidence: none

Response to Chris

Other sounds recorded:
1. There is a piano in the back room. This sounds like the highest note on the piano. It also sounds similar to a bell on a child's bike. This sound was picked up several times during the night but was not heard by any of us at the time.

Bell - piano key sound

2. Several minutes after we left to go eat loud bangs are heard within the building.

bell and bang sounds

Date: February 15, 2008      
Rushsylvania, Ohio
Type of Dwelling: House
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Brian, Mark, Bev, Chris F. Angie, Chris B.
Client had only lived in the home for 3 weeks at the time of investigation. This is a fairly nice house which client rents for only 200.00 a month. Although the home is well over 100 years old, a house like this would typically rent for a minimum of 700.00 a month. Client feels that rent is so cheap due to paranormal activity. Client's landlord had told him strange things have happened in the home but did not elaborate. Furniture, dishes, musical instruments and other articles left in the house would make it appear that the former tenant left in a hurry.
Client was talking to girlfriend on phone when he heard what he described as a woman wailing. The sound was coming from within the house. His girlfriend could hear the sound over the phone. Later client noticed scratches on a bedroom door, about 5 feet up, or eye level. Client said he is pretty sure the scratches had not been there previously.  This is the same room that the his dog had been found locked in on previous occasions.

Bedroom 1 upstairs:  Reported Activity: Figurines were placed in back corner of closet facing the wall because client said his girlfriend was freaked out by them. One of the figurines was found the next day
moved to center of closet shelf and facing forward.
Observations: The figures were placed back in the closet in the same position as they were before and a video camera was in place to catch any movement should it occur. Nothing unusual happened with the figurines. Angie & Chris F. heard movement in this room while they were doing an evp session. They could not locate source.

Room: Bedroom 2 upstairs:  Reported activity: Client found dog lock in this room. He states he usully keeps the door open. A friend had spent the night so he woke the friend to ask if he had locked the dog in the room. The friend denied doing this.  Client went to work. Several hours later the friend called him and said that when he woke up the dog was locked in the room again.
Observations: The door when opened, if pressure is applied will slowly close but not to the point that it latches.

Stairs leading to bedrooms: Reported activity: Friend of client once saw a man standing at the top of the stairs.  Client has heard male voices. Client's girlfriend has heard what she described as a young girl's giggle in the upstairs area.
Observations: While coming up the basement stairs as I reached the landing which is between lower and upper stairs I heard footsteps on the stairs above me. Angie & Chris F. were sitting in a room upstairs
and denied moving or walking around. 

Room:  Den - Basement: Reported activity:  Client heard footsteps on stair case that is over this room, that leads to upstairs bedrooms. No one else was in the house at the time. Client states he emptied his pockets at bed time and always puts his keys in the same place. At this time he was sleeping upstairs. The next morning he found his keys in den/basement, jammed tightly  into the ledge that runs along the wall. Client states that several times while in the den/basement he has heard bangs and other noises coming from upper level.
Observations:  Client showed us how the keys were jammed in the crack. It took quite a bit of strength to get the keys jammed into the crack and to pull them out.
Angie witnessed track lights slowly come on. They appeared to come on about halfway and then went back off.  This happened twice. We could only locate one possible switch for the track lights but the switch did not work. 

Room:  Kitchen:  Reported activity: Client stated he closed French doors and locked them. He was sure the door had latched. As he walked over to the sink he looked back and saw the door opening on it's own. He shut the door and again made sure it was latched. Again he walked over to the sink, turned around and saw the door open again.
Observations: Actual night of investigation client showed us what looked like drops of blood on the kitchen floor. Client states he noticed them upon returning from work. A maintainence man had been in the house and it is possible the blood was his.
Base was set up in living room. While doing evps in this room I heard strange, very loud interference, different than normal feedback, through the ear amplifiers.  Like the sound a computer makes if a cell phone is too near it. Others in the room heard the sound coming through my amplifier with their bare ears. At the same time Chris B. who was upstairs heard the sound with his bare ears. The sound was not picked up on any of the voice recorders.
Darla heard the name Marilyn whispered in her ear during evps when Mark asked "what is your name?"
Feb. 28, 2008.  Spoke with client by phone. Several days after investigation client found an old book in the attic with a hand written note inside. The note was signed Marella, which could be name Darla heard as Marilyn. He also reports that he & a friend were making pizza's in the kitchen when a loud banging started on the wall.  Finally he said out loud "Ok you have my attention."  Both client and friend then heard "thank you."  They looked at each other, didn't say a word and ran to the basement. Client then left for 3 days. Client has since had a priest bless the house and reports that things have been quiet.

Evps recorded: Yes. It is unknown what is said, possibly a name.
Other audio sounds: Movement around Chris' recorder when no one was in the room.  A growl
Video evidence: none
Photo evidence: none

January 26, 2008. On going investigation.
Location: Laurelville, Ohio
Former nursing home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris B, Mark, Brady
Note: See G.H.O.S.T. Investigations page 2 for previous investigations in this building.
Client has started using an audio recorder while working in the building and has recorded several evps. Client reports that son and friends witnessed doors 3 and 4 open and shut on their own as well as the bathroom doors shared by rooms 2 and 4.
G.H.O.S.T. observations:
Cameras were stationed on the doors reported to open and close. The door to room 3 was left opened and the position marked. The door to room 4 was left closed.
While in an office area of the nursing home we heard what sounded like doors shut coming from the patient area. Upon inspection we found all the doors as we left them. Video did not show the doors opening or closing.
After a final evp session in the hall outside of the patient rooms we discovered that room 3 had developed a strong smell of rubbing alcohol. Room 1 had a strong fragrance of perfume. Room 4 had an awful stench, much like raw sewage. Room 4 has a bathroom shared by room 2. The doors to the bathroom between the rooms was left opened however the smell was only in room 4 and not in room 1. All of the odors in the rooms occurred simultaneously. None of the rooms had these odors earlier. The odors were never experienced on previous investigations. Client states she has never experienced the odors.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: Several which will be posted when case is closed.
Other audio recorded: None
Photo evidence: None

January 18, 2008
Location: Streetsboro, Ohio
Private home
G.H.O.S.T members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris B.
Client reports seeing a black shadow float or glide between bedrooms. She has smelled Old Spice cologne. No one in the home uses Old Spicee but it was a favorite of her deceased father. She has also smelled lilacs which her mother loved. Recently she felt a tap on the shoulder and when she turned around no one was there. Client states that she does not feel afraid and feels that the events experienced may be her father watching over her family.
Traffic coming down the road did not cast lights or shadows in the bedrooms or hallway where the shadow is seen.
Since the client felt that it might be her father we had her participate in evp questions.
We did not have any personal experiences during our short time there. We had to cut the investigation short as I was coming down with nasty bug.  Another team was scheduled to investigate the following night.

Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other audio recorded: None
Photo evidence: None
January 11, 2008
Location: Pataskala, Ohio
Private home
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Chris M.
Client reports stomping sounds from the children's bedroom when they are not home. The bathroom door has closed and latched by itself after their small dog ran in there. While home alone the client found stacks of quarters from his change jar on the stairs and stacks of pennies in front of the TV. His friend, who claims to see things, once saw a man in a flannel shirt with a cat outside the door.
Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other audio recorded: Phantom footsteps, cat meow
Photo evidence: None
We found that trying to slam the bathroom door did not cause it latch. It wouldn't even close all the way when we tried slamming it. To shut the door and make it latch required a hefty pull. There is the possibility that the dog could have put it's paws on the door and it's body weight could have pushed the door shut but the dog is a very small Chihuahua and it is unlikely that it could have shut the door hard enough to cause it to latch.
We had several personal experiences in this home. While sitting in the living room we heard the sound of rustling near the TV.  Although Chris was sitting right by the TV we could not determine what caused the sound.
While doing evps we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. As the sound got closer it stopped. The stairs were in plain view and we could see that no one was on them. The footsteps were captured on the audio recorder.
 Later that evening we heard a cat meow. The sound was coming from the bottom of the stairs. The owner said that there are no cats in the house.

Listen to foot steps here

Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other audio recorded: Phantom footsteps, cat meow
Photo evidence: None

January 4, 2008
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Private home, duplex
G.H.O.S.T. members present: Brenda, Darla, Bev, Brady, Chris B.

This was the second investigation at this Cleveland, Ohio duplex. Client's child has seen an apparition of his deceased uncle. Music comes out of the TV when it is not on. Bathroom faucets are reported to turn on by themselves. Footsteps are heard  in the unoccupied upper duplex. Shadows have been seen in kitchen. Most recently the client reported music coming from a TV that was turned off.

The upper part of the duplex is now occupied and we did not have access to it.

We found extremely high man made EMF in the client's father's bedroom as well as in the kitchen. We informed the client of the high EMF and the possible consequences.

During the first investigation at this home the sounds of metal clanging together were recorded but not heard at the time by the team.  We were not able to find a reason for the metal sounds recorded before. Nothing out of the ordinary was experienced by the team on this investigation.

Paranormal events recorded on video: None
Evps recorded: None
Other audio recorded: None
Photo evidence: None

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