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Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum photos by Ghost Hunters

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Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum photos shot by
three members of Ghost Hunters on a recent day trip.
Located in Columbus, Ohio, the haunted mausoleum is right down the road from Greenlawn Cemetery, but it is not actually a part of the cemetery.
We had recorders and cameras in hopes of getting evps and maybe some ghost photos. We've always wanted to get inside the mausoleum to try to record evps but it is always locked. We were on our way home from a cemetery and decided to swing by Greenlawn Abbey. This time we found it wide open because it was a holiday.
I have lived about a mile from Greenlawn Abbey all my life and I have always heard that the mausoleum was haunted by the ghost of magician Howard Thurston who was a close friend of the famous magician Houdini. I also remember hearing about a female ghost that haunts the second floor but I don't recall the details. Back when I was a kid the lawn was much larger, well manicured, and the mausoleum could be seen from the intersection of Harmon and Greenlawn Avenues. It was a very scary looking place back then and it still is. But now an equipment company completely blocks it from view.
Even though it was getting late there were still a few visitors which made it hard to capture evps, voices and footsteps really echo in the mausoleum and anything picked up by the recorder would be useless as any kind of evidence. I let the recorder run anyway. I didn't hear one ghostly voice.
We took a lot of photos. The inside is in pretty bad shape. Click on images for a larger view.

from the front.gif

From the road as it looks today.

Fireplace photo 5.gif

Main room where services are held.  It was pretty dusty and dirty when we visited.

stain glass window, vaults  inside photo 2.gif

Many vaults line the walls.

Thurston the Magician ghost hunters.gif

Door of Howard Thurston the Magician resting place. It is said that the mausoleum is haunted by him.

vaults with out going up wall 3.gif

Top half of empty vaults that rise up to the ceiling.

more vaults, lower section empty, no doors 4.gif

Empty vaults without doors at eye level.

Warning, due to vandalism, an alarm system has recently been installed at Greenlawn Abbey. Police will be called and you will be arrested for trespassing.  

Haunted Berliner Park is jusr down the street on Greenlawn Avenue. Berliner Park has a bike path that is supposed to be haunted by children's ghosts that have drowned in the Scioto River. There have been a lot of drownings in the river. If you go down by the water at night they say you can hear children's ghosts playing and laughing, splashing in the water.  I have also heard that some have seen the ghost of a very tall man wearing a hat there. It is not a very safe area so be careful! We have not investigated the bike path because entering the park at night could be very dangerous.

see more photos.gif
more photos

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