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Ghosts in the news - links to ghosts and paranormal articles from various news sources on the web.

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Older News

Christchurch's Ghost Whisperers Investigate

Hotel manager Keith Burgess said the odd noises had recently become more noticeable. "There are taps going on and a few other noises up there."  Burgess said he was not afraid going up to the "haunted" link above to read more.

Menacing Presence
You never know what you might run into when moving into a new apartment, a negligent landlord, noisy neighbors, what about a ghost?.
Ghosts At Malabar State Park
Who ya gonna e-mail?  In this day and age, when it comes to finding "Ghostbusters," or at least ghost hunters, picking up the phone is passe........
Be Careful What You Wish In A Haunted House
There are documented to be around 225 haunted houses in America and almost half of them are in St. Francisville, Louisiana.......
Spook Lessons At Haunted Castle
A castle reputed to be one of the most haunted in the country is hosting a school for ghost hunters......
Should You Be Afraid Of Ghosts?
It's almost a given that, if asked, most people would admit that of course they would be frightened if they encountered an apparition........
Ghost Hunters In Search Of The Paranormal
To the nonbeliever, ghost photos may appear to represent blurry mist or blobs of refracted light, called “orbs” by insiders. Similarly, the audio recordings referred to by those in the know as "EVPs," ............
Haunted Placeces Or Haunted Minds?
Tales of ghosts have fired the popular imagination since earliest times. Even in today's technologically and scientifically advanced world, belief in ghosts remains strong........
New Teen danger: The Paranormal
Dwayne Claud, director for Western New York Paranormal of Rochester examines the dangers of popular paranormal related television shows. He looks at what the shows do not provide for the viewers.......
Researchers Look For The Afterlife In Cemetary
It's a chill on the back of your neck. Or maybe it's a set of misplaced keys.  Perhaps it's an appliance that seems to have a mind of its own or a sound in an empty attic..........
Paranormal the norm for ghostbuster
Seeing a strange man walking through her house in the middle of the night was the last straw for Mary, a Hamilton mother.  Previously she had seen her garage door handle turning........
Miners ghostly curses recorded
Spooky goings-on at Poldark Mine, near Helston have been captured on camera.  Helston's team of paranormal investigators, Mostghosts, have began running regular tours of the mine.
13 busted in true ghost story in West Haven
More than a dozen ghost hunters were arested Monday at an old factory that police say they entered after breaking and entering into a closed restaurant.......
Spooky nun can't kick the habit
Ladyland believes haunted pub is frequently visited bt Abbey spirit.  The ghost of a beer drinking nun maked rugular visit to a West Malling pub according to staff and regulars.
Crawford Co. Housewife Chases Ghosts For Fun
MacLees, 51, of Meadville, a housewife and mother of adult daughters, is a paranormal investigator and wants to start her own chapter of ghost chasers in northwestern Pennsylvania.
Ghostbuster dies
WASHINGTON - Robert A. Baker, a University of Kentucky psychology professor emeritus and a leading "ghost buster" who worked on the premise that "there are no haunted places, only haunted people," died Aug. 8 at his home..........
Ghost Appears In Old Hospital
Does at least one ghost still exist at the Wellington District Hospital? Beautifully restored and renovated the former hospital buildings are now known as Hermitage Hill Country Retreat and Function Centre. This apparently did not deter an unexpected guest joining......
Experts Search For Dales Ghosts
A Group of paranormal experts are trying to prove whether or not Rowsley train station is haunted.  The Society For Paranormal Research, a national group, have also visited Darley Dale station after a number of ghosts were spotted.
Store May Be Haunted
Security cameras at a Lithuanian grocery store have captured images of an alleged ghost lurking in its warehouse. The video shows fast-moving shadows in the store's supply room recorded in the middle of the night last month......
Haunted Tour gives skeptics chance to doubt
Skeptical, another rider peered into a basement window, saw nothing, snapped a photo anyway. The image of a boy in a ball cap, standing in a white mist, appeared. The photographer’s eyes widened. He looked at the photo again and again.
Cops add video surveillance cameras to bust ghost hunters
Police in Redlnds california are determined to bust the legend of Billy's ghost.  For more than 20 years ghost hunters, amorous teens, and just the plain curious have flock to Mariposa Elementary School.......

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