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Evps - Electronic Voice Phenomenon by ghost hunters pg. 2

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More evps, Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

The following evps were recorded while ghost hunting at Prospect Place.
This voice says in a sing song way, Can you believe I'm Mary? George Adams, the man behind Prospect Place had both a wife and a daughter named Mary. 

 "can you believe i'm mary"

Also recorded in the ballroom. It sounds like "why la" We have no idea what it could mean.

"why la"

You hear the footsteps of some of our members coming up the stairs to retrieve the recorder. But they had not entered the room yet when this evp was captured. This "ok" is not any of the group.


Added 5/24/05

Angie found this evp on her handicam. It was recorded in the bathroom at Prospect Place. Don't worry, you won't see anything. It sounds like a woman with an accent. She sounds as though she is in pain. If you think you understand what she is saying please send us an email. Please wait for video to load.

Below are the comments sent in so far:
  • This is a bad place
  • It is the worst times

noise removed Prospect Place evp voice

original video foreign evp voice

Evps recorded while ghost hunting in an abandoned house. 

Two abandoned houses were visited this night. These evps were recorded at the second one. It sounds like "look mom." Only three G.H.O.S.T. members went to this house. Nobody's "mom" was there. They were making their way up the stairs through glass and clutter when this was recorded.

"look mom"

Tonya asked Darla if she has to wait for the camera light to come on. Immediately you hear a very quick "no" but this voice is not Darla's. She did not hear what Tonya had asked. You can hear her say "huh" a few seconds later.



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Mansfield Reformatory "hey there" evp

Mansfield Reformatory "your're a slut" evp

****UPDATE August 5****
In the future all new evps will be posted on the investigation pages along with the story behind them.
December 2005
Visit the Investigations page for
new evps from the Strand Theatre
Update: January 5, 2006
New evps added to Ghost Investigations in Obetz, Ohio page
Update: July 23, 2006
Evps added to investigation page Dover, Ohio home

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