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Ghostly Photos

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Miscellaneous photo anomalies captured while ghost hunting or around our homes, haunted cemeteries and other haunted places. Orbs are thought by many to be ghosts or spirit energy in the form of balls of  light. Are they really ghosts or spirit energy? Who knows, but there are lots of reasons they appear in photos such as reflections, dust, pollen and moisture. But sometimes orbs can be somethig other than dust. Several of our members have seen orbs with their own eyes, not through the veiwfinder, but with the naked eye.
Is a mist a form of spirit energy or a ghost trying to manifest? Maybe. Mist can also just be and usually is, smoke, fog, breath, standing too close to a solid object and other common things.

Please note that we do not claim that the photos or videos on this site are in fact ghosts. They are photo anomalies we found to be interesting.
We have removed all orb photos from this site because we now believe that most orbs in photos are due to dust and other little particles in the air, moisture, bugs, pollen, shiny objects and other mundane things. We will post photos of orbs seen with the naked eye.


Mirror in haunted house child's bedroom appears to have in it the shape of a man wearing a hat

Angies pic, ghostly  photo section

Angie got this great shot of some strange mist at a friends house. This is not smoke.

Ghost photos blue mist

Mark got this blue mist (see enlarged)on an investigation in Cincinnati, Ohio. The white mist and orbs are due to the warm air coming out of the door into the cool air. It is not caused by anything ghostly. This photo has been lightened.

Closet ghost and woman face.jpg
Photo of a face peeking out of a closet that we caught on video. Beside it is a photo of the lady that lived in the house in 1920. Looks like the same nose, eye and hairline.

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
 2005-2014. All photos, evps and videos recordings on this site are property of Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team and may NOT be duplicated or copied without expressed written permission.