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Mistaken ghost photos - Fake pictures

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Mistaken ghost photos, fake ghost pictures.

These photos could be mistaken for ghosts, spirits, orbs, ecto mist, vortex or energy. Although these anomalies can be spooky looking they are not paranormal photos. Hair and camera straps often get in front of the camera lens.

mistaken ghost photos orb face.jpg

Many will see a ghost face in this orb. This dust orb is in front of a blanket. The dark spots that form the eyes, nose and mouth are just creases in the blanket, nothing more.
We first thought this was a spirit rising out of the ground. Awesome ghost photo! But after studying it closely we think it is a person in white pants on the ground with their tush in the air. It was taken about a year ago at a campfire so details were hard to remember. Even though we were disappointed that it is not a ghost it is still a pretty cool pic.
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What is this?
Rising up mistakn ghost photos 1.gif

Video still, shot at night. Notice the devilish face. This is probably matrixing, at least the person sleeping on the couch hopes it is matrixing. Scary none the less.
devilish face
evil face.gif
This picture was taken at a camp fire at a birthday outing. We were not ghost hunting at the time. There are several spooky things in the photo. We are guessing the squiggly looking things on the left side are embers falling to the ground but the strange thing is that they are identical.
Cool pic
twin embers.gif
Two more identical embers or maybe they are the same ones as above. Another strange thing is there is a person in the background sitting on a bench that we cannot  identify. The person was not part of our group and there were not any other people close by.
cool pic 2
twin embers 2 ghost hunters mistaken photo.gif
This is not ecto mist or energy. This pic was shot outside and the temp was about 20 degrees. It is fake, taken to show that breath can be photographed. You can make out a few faces but they are not spirits, just breath.

breath, not spirit energy
fake ectoplasm.gif

Hair should be tied back if long, especially if you are ghost hunting outside. The slightest bit of wind can blow little strands of hair in front of the lens which could later be mistaken for a vortex.

Hair, not orbs in motion
fake, just hair.gif

Camera straps should be removed to prevent them from accidently getting in front of the lens and later be misken for a vortex. The photo below is what a strap looks like when it fell on the lens.

Black vortex? Nope just a camera strap
fake  black vortex.gif

Not a vortex,not paranormal, just another camera strap. This time it was placed a little further from the lens.   
Another camera strap
mistaken photo white vortex.gif

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
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