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Evps - Electronic Voice Phenomenon

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wave bar evps

Evps, short for Electronic Voice Phenomenon, are recorded voices and sounds that not normally heard with the ear but can be heard on playback. Many ghost hunters, believe evps to be voices of ghosts or spirits trying to communicate with the living. 

Although most of our evps were picked up in places we consider to be haunted evps can be recorded anywhere and at anytime. The voices do not always sound human. Many times they are just faint whispers or one word or maybe a sound such as knocking. We have had the best luck recording late at night. We use a standard cassette recorder, always with a new tape. We also use several digital recorders. We usually start off by asking questions such as "Is there anyone here with us" and giving ample time for the ghosts to respond before asking our next question. We feel it is best to have one person ask the questions. And it is much easier to spot them on playback if you were as quiet as possible when your questions are being asked, but we have picked up strange voices and sounds among our chatter or while setting up equipment. Many were captured after leaving the recorder running in an empty barn in the middle of the night when it was about 3 degrees outside. If you must talk while recording evps always speak in a normal voice, never whisper. 


Read our investigation pages for the full stories. 
Please turn your volume All The Way Up. Some may be easier to hear with headphones. 

We at Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team believe these recordings to be of paranormal nature. We will not post any evps without first ruling out all possible natural causes.
The following electronic voice phenomenon was recorded on different occasions while investigating a haunted barn in Galloway, Ohio.
2/4/05 Brady asked "is there anything you would like to tell anyone" 

"It's nothing" evp

2/4/05  Brady asked "can you tell us your name?" then you hear "uh oh"

"uh oh"

2/12/05 You can hear a whispered "look" right before Brian starts talking. This is not anyone in the group. Listen closely.


2/26/05 Brian asked what's your name? The answer was a whispery "I'm Bob"

"i'm bob"

2/26/05 Do you have a favorite color? You can hear a faint "orange"


2/27/05 While setting up the equipment in the barn Brian says something about the camera then "get out" is heard. 

"get out"

3/3/05 Some members think this says like to talk with Darla, others think it says like to play with camera or Cameron. This evp was recorded in the haunted barn late one night.

"like to talk/play with Darla/Cameron"

3/7/05 Again, the recorder was left running in the barn after 11:00 pm. This childlike laughter was recorded.

"child like laughter"

3/12/05 We think this says "I'm in third" Then there is a loud bang. The recorder had been left in the barn about 11:00 pm on a frigid night when it picked this up. We have no idea what the bang is.

"im in third"

It has been reported to us that a long time ago a horse trainer named Bob lived in the third farmhouse on this land. He is now deceased. Could this be the voice of the I'm Bob and I'm in third evps? Some horse trainers are also jockeys. This could get very interesting if Bob was also a jockey and wore orange silks since we have the "orange" evp in response to do you have a favorite color. We are checking into this possibility and will post our findings here.

Hear more evps on next page and in Ghost Hunters investigations section.

****UPDATE August 5****
In the future all new evps will be posted on the investigation pages.
You can find the evps below there.

Evp from Moonville Tunnel

Update December 11, 2005
Visit investigations for Strand Theatre evps.

Update: January 5, 2006
New evps added to Ghost Investigations in Obetz, Ohio page

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You might be addicted to ghost hunting if all you want for Christmas is a camcorder with night shot, a digital voice recorder and a camera.

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