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Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team ghost videos. Although this section is called ghost videos we are not saying that this is proof of ghosts. These are things we caught on film that we cannot explain. Are they ghosts?
Some orbs and mist/ectoplasm are thought by some to a form ghost and spirit energy. They can be recorded on film if you get lucky. The videos below were recorded by our group at a haunted farmhouse and barn in Galloway, Ohio. 
The door frame ghost face" clip was recorded in the house, in the 4 year old child's bedroom. He often tells his mother that he sees ghosts. Look in the doorway, on the right side just above the bright white spot.  
The video clips are much clearer when viewed on a T.V. screen than on this small player but you can still see the ghostly face and watch it disappear. You can find the stories behind the videos on the investigations link.

watch ghost face here

To clear up any confusion for those that may think she walks out of the closet this photo shows where the closet actually is. Click on photo for a larger view.
ghost  videos still by Ghost Hunters.gif
Video still of ghostly closet face.
face closeup.jpg

Recently a man came by the old farmhouse and said he lived there in the 1920's until 1930He wanted to look around just to reminisce. He showed Tonya a photo of his family standing outside the house. The photo below is a close up of his mother. We think it looks remarkably like the face in the closet. To us it looks like the same nose, eye and hairline.

Woman Ghost?.jpg

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
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