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Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum photos by Ghost Hunters pg. 2

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More Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum photos from Ghost Hunters recent trip. It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Thurston the Magician and a woman the roams the upper floor. These pictures are from the inside of the mausoleum.

stained glass  photos.gif

There are many beautiful stained glass windows in the Mausoleum.

From the inside 7.gif

The gates to most of the rooms were unlocked.

Greenlawn Abby  Columbus Ohio photo.gif

One of the first things we saw upon entering was this dirty, out of service bathroom to the right.

 right room 13.gif

When you enter the mausoleum this closet is on the right.

inside 8.gif

Marble bench inside one of the small rooms.

 ghost hunters photos.gif

Marble statue inside one of the unlocked rooms.

vault door  10.gif

A vault door lies on the ground.

basement photos.gif

To the left was a door leading to the basement. Jeff took this photo for me as I had no desire to enter the basement.

If you are thinking of visiting Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum after dark you should know that the Columbus Police Department patrols it regularly. Due to vandalism, an alarm system has recently been installed at Greenlawn Abbey. Police will be called and you will be arrested for trespassing. 


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