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Ghosts at Buxton Inn Granville Ohio

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There are many reports of ghosts at the Buxton Inn.

The ghost stories......

One of the first ghosts to be seen was back in the 1920's and was the ghost of Orrin Granger, the man that built the inn back in 1812.

In the 70's the workers renovating the old inn thought they saw a ghost dressed in blue. They refused to enter the inn after dark.

Another ghost said to haunt the inn is that of Major Horton Buxton, the man that the inn was named after. He operated the inn back in the late 1800's. His ghost has been spotted in different places throughout the inn.

Another tale of ghosts is that of Bonnie Bounell, also a former innkeeper. Bonnie died in room number nine. Overnight guests staying in room nine have report seeing a lady dressed in blue, Bonnie's favorite color.

Shadowy figures are often seen in room number seven and in the basement.

A ghostly cat has been seen roaming the halls and sometimes can be felt jumping up on a bed.

Some say they have witnessed doors that open by themselves. Others hear footsteps when no one else is around. Some report hearing their name being called out.

After reading the many ghost stories surrounding the Buxton Inn we decided to check it out for ourselves. We reserved rooms seven and nine, the rooms where most of the activity is reported to happen.
After being shown to our rooms we were told if we wanted to see some photos of ghosts to visit the front desk. Someone had taken a photo of Bonnie Bounell's ghost. When we got to the desk and the lady showed us the photo she told us although others claim to see a ghost in the photo she could not see it. We agreed, we could not see it either. Then we were shown a photo of the Buxton Inn ghost cat. The photo was taken down in the tavern and it showed a cat's head which appeared to be hovering over a little girl. It looked like a blemish in the stone wall of the tavern to us. Upon inspection of the area where the photo was taken we saw that one of the stones had some blemishes that resembled a cat head. But that is all it was, a flaw in the stone, not a ghost cat.
When we made reservations we informed them that we were coming for a ghost investigation. We were told that we would have full access to the basement and other areas.
Since it was still early when we arrived the inn was really busy so we decided to wait until the restaurant and tavern closed at midnight to do our investigating. We couldn't do a serious investigation with customers coming and going.
About 12:30 we saw that most of the lights were out and all seemed quiet so we gathered our equipment and headed for the main part of the inn. The rooms are separate from this part of the inn.
We soon discovered we were locked out of the of the inn. It was locked up tight. When we were told we would have full access we were not told that it was only until midnight. We called the desk and were told that after midnight the doors are locked and no one was allowed to enter the inn. We were greatly disappointed. We only had access to our rooms so that is where we had to stay. 
When you enter room number nine you enter a small room that opens into a larger room. While sitting in the larger room we heard what sounded like the outside door knob turning but when we checked it was always locked and no one was outside. The sound never happened when one of us was in the smaller room where the door was located. Several times we heard what sounded like someone walking outside the door but again no one was there. We were the only occupants on the entire wing that night.

We heard many sounds we couldn't find an explantion for but we didn't capture any evps and we didn't see any ghosts, cat ghosts or shadowy figures.
We did capture something on video. As I was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room I saw something through the view finder coming towards me. I told the others what I just saw. It appeared to come out of the mirror. If it was a piece of dust it was huge.
While watching the video keep your eye on the center of the mirror. Whatever it is, for a few seconds you can see it's reflection in the mirror.

Mirror video

Some of us made the drive home that night and others stayed to sleep at the Buxton Inn. One of our members said she was awaken by something touching her. Perhaps it was one of the Buxton Inn ghosts.

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