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Ghosts at Hannah House, our investigation

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Ghosts are reported to haunt the Hannah House Mansion.  Our ghost investigation report.

G.H.O.S.T could not resist the stories of ghosts (see link below) connected to the Hannah House so we paid the price for a private ghost investigation even though we thought it was kind of steep. We decided it would be well worth the price if we found any evidence to back up the claims of ghosts and paranormal activity.

When we arrived for the ghost hunt we were disappointed to find the front door wide open. It did not have a screen door thus allowing many bugs to enter the house. The porch light was on so that attracted even more bugs. When we entered we saw a door to the outside balcony at the top of the stairs was also opened and it did not have a screen door. This is not a good thing when trying to capture ghosts on film because bugs can appear as moving orbs or other anomalies.

We were told that up to 3 hosts would be there and us, but we found that more people than that were there. At one point when we were in an upstairs room a man and a women, not part of our group, entered the room across the hall and started using a pendulum. We could hear their voices. We tried to go out on the balcony because it is said that Mr. Hannah's ghost has been spotted up there, we found we people sitting out there. Later in the night we found the balcony empty but people were outside, below the balcony, and their voices could be heard. There is also part of the mansion that has been turned into an apartment and those people would come and go throughout the night.

Noises from others carry from floor to floor making it very hard to try to record uncontaminated evps. If anyone was moving about or talking on the floor above or below the floor we were on they could be heard. On our first trip to the basement, where the ghosts of slaves are said to be seen and heard, 3 of our group stayed upstairs in the front room/parlor. Their voices and footsteps could be heard in the basement even though they were not talking loudly, just speaking in a normal tone. Sounds of a sink being turned on and water running through pipes were a problem in the basement throughout the night. We assume this was from the people in the kitchen or it may have been noises in the bathroom. Whatever the cause, it would happen about every 5 minutes.

We did find the attic to be a quiet spot to try to record evps but the temperature was about 100 degrees up there. The windows were opened but did not have screens, allowing bugs to enter and traffic sounds could be heard as the mansion is located on a busy street and is not far off the road. There were two central air conditioning units attached to the house and we do not understand why they were not used on such a hot and humid night. There were fans in every room. Some ghost hunters like to use fans or other things as a background noise because they believe it gives the voices of ghosts something to travel on but we prefer absolute quiet while trying to capture evps.

Our search for ghosts or paranormal activity at the Hannah House turned up nothing. We had hours of video and voice recordings but we did not capture any evps or see anything to convince us that it is haunted. Our photos, over 600, showed nothing except one that may show a small anomaly. We are unable to post it at this time because we had to sign an evidence release agreement stating that any video, photo and audio had to be submitted to management for approval before using it on a website. We are still waiting for permission after two months.

Is the Hannah House haunted? Maybe it is. We were unable to document any evidence. Perhaps the ghosts just didn't want to be found the night we were there. Or maybe the stories of ghosts are just that, stories.

Read the history, stories and claims of ghosts at the Hannah House below.

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