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Ghosts Haunt Local Pizza Shop

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Ghosts are reported to haunt a local pizza shop. We were recently contacted to do a ghost investigation in a small town near our home. The proprietor, Lewis, reported that he has only been in the location a few months but found many strange things taking place. He feels that ghosts may reside there.

The building was used in 1852 as a church, before becoming a funeral home, followed by a private residence and now a pizza shop.

One morning Lewis was in the basement when he heard crashing and banging sounds coming from rooms above. He rushed up the stairs to find all the lids on his prep line opened, the lids leaning against the wall and the cooler doors underneath opened. The prep table that was left clean was now covered with a layer of flour with strange markings all over it as though someone had ran their fingers through it. Buckets that were kept on a shelf were in the middle of the floor. This same room was used for a viewing room when the building was a funeral home. The double doors are still there. It was also used as a bedroom in recent years. He was told that a former resident's grandma died in this room. Could one of the ghosts be grandma?

Lewis is very uncomfortable anytime he has to enter the upstairs rooms. The day I interviewed him we were walking through the upstairs and I felt a light touch go across my arm. Thinking I had walked into a cobweb I turned around and looked upward. Then something much heavier touched my face. There were not any cobwebs to be found and I mentioned that something may have touched me. Lewis then told me I was standing in the exact spot where he always feels the hair stand up on the back of his neck. I could still feel the touch on my face an hour later. There is a door in front of that spot that leads to an attic space. This door has two latches which are kept latched but Lewis says he often finds them opened. Another door he finds unlocked is the door to the upstairs. Lewis keeps the door locked at all times, it needs a key to open it, but many times he finds it unlocked.

Some of the other events that makes Lewis think he may have ghosts are a closet door in the dining area that customers have seen open on its own, loud bangs, other unexplainable noises and items coming up missing only to be found in an unusual place.

The night we investigated was hot and even hotter inside due to the pizza ovens. The upstairs temp was 98 degrees, unbearable for more than a few minutes. The dining area was a steady 86 degrees. At one point while sitting in the dining area I felt a rush of cold air. I immediately took a temp reading. To my surprise the thermometer read 65 degrees. A temperature drop is thought to be a sign that ghosts may be present but several photos taken of the area showed no anomalies. The EMF meter did not show any unusual spikes.

In checking the closet door that was reported to open by itself we found that it closed tightly most of the time but every now and then the button would stick causing it not to "catch" and simply walking across the floor, would cause it to open. We don't believe it was ever opened by ghosts.

Darla, Brian and Tonya were on their way up from basement after recording for evps. They could not get the door to open. They said it was like someone was holding it shut. The door was not locked. Brady opened the door from the other side with ease.

A camcorder was left in the basement. Although no evps were captured while reviewing the tape we heard what sounded like someone walking up and down the steps repeatedly. Ghosts that repeat the same thing over and over are called residual ghosts. Unfortunately the camera was not facing the stairs so we are not sure at this time what was producing the footsteps.

At one point Brady and Angie heard music. As Brian walked through the kitchen he said he was touched by something and Tonya heard a child's voice.

We recorded only one evp. Angie was checking her camcorder and said okay how many minutes do I got then a voice says what sounds to us like "head of the line" or "ahead of the time."

"head of the line" evp

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ghosts at pizza place church
Building as it appeared in 1852 as a church.

Did ghosts raise these lids?
Lids lifted by possible ghosts

The doors on this cooler were found open and the lids of the pans were off leaning back against the wall.

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