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Ghost Investigations at an Obetz,Ohio Townhouse

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The ghost investigations were spread out over a period of several weeks in December 2005 and January 2006.

Location: Three unit townhouse in Obetz, Ohio

History: A young child that lived in the middle unit was killed in front of the townhouses when he was ran over by a truck several years ago.

The occupants in each unit had been experiencing what they felt was ghost activity but kept quiet about it because they didn't want others to think they were crazy. Finally the lady in the first unit could take no more and started questioning the people in the other units. She found that they too thought they were living with ghosts. She decided it was time to call in ghost investigators.

Unit one ghost investigation:

The lady in this unit had hung up a jingle bell decoration. Several times when she was alone she heard the bells jingle in the other room. She has always felt uneasy when going up her stairs. She often hears footsteps on the stairs. She has heard whispers in her ear when lying in bed. One night her husband saw a small hand on the stair banister. When he walk over to the stairs nothing was there. He has heard a child voice whisper in his ear.

In this clip the lady is telling Darla that when she first contacted us to do the ghost investigations that I had asked her about the possibility that the sounds she was hearing could be coming from the neighbors on the other side of the wall. While she is talking you can hear sounds that a young child might make while playing with toy airplanes or trains. No one heard this sound with their ears.

child playing evp

We brought along some toys with the thought that if a child's ghost was present the toys might interest him. We placed each toy on a piece of tape to mark it's position. After we came in from a smoke break we found that each of the toys had been moved from at least one inch to several inches from the original positions.

Several times throughout the night we asked if anyone was with us to give us a sign. We never heard a sound. Finally I said let's call it a night. As soon as I said that loud knocks started coming from the kitchen. It sounded like ice dropping from an ice maker. But they did not have an ice maker. The knocks stopped as soon as we went into the kitchen to locate the source and we did not hear them again. 

We found this on one of our recordings. We think it may say murder or mother.

Murder evp

Unit two ghost investigation:

The lady in this unit says she hears someone walking up and down her stairs. She has a 3 year old daughter and often hears her talking to someone while playing alone in her room. She hears her daughter say things like "no that is my toy and you can't have it" Her son will not sleep in his room without the lights on. He never had a problem sleeping in the dark before they lived here. She has heard noises from her closet. She has heard her dryer door came open by itself. The night before we came she said she witnessed the sconces on her bedroom wall shake for what seemed to her to be several minutes.

We inspected the dryer door and found it to latch properly. It did not come open while we were there. 

In the master bedroom Angie was using the EMF reader to determine where all the natural fields were located. The power to the stereo was on and she said she turned it off. On play back of a recording at this time a voice is heard that says quite or quiet. Right after that Angie had walked to the center of the room when the EMF reader spiked to 2.5. It did not spike in that room again.

quiet evp

In the little girl's room toys were set out but did not get moved.

In the living room an EMF reader that had been laying on the coffee table for over an hour suddenly starting spiking for no apparent reason. Nothing was near it. A camcorder was set up on the other side of the room and in view of the table but it did not record anything that appeared to be a ghost.

Unit three ghost investigation:

The lady of the house has felt something or someone breathing in her face while sleeping. She has felt something invisible sit down on the bed. Several times she has heard a baby crying in the night. She has heard her door open and close. Another occupant in this unit has felt something or someone breathing on her neck. She has saw a white light in her room. She has heard her name called on occassion when no one in the house had called her. Another occupant says she has uneasy feelings as though she is being watched. Recently she was awaken by something tickling her feet. She heard a giggle and then a voice that she described as a young child say "sorry"

We did not pick up any evps in this unit. Our videos did not show anything unusual and we did not witness anything we consider to be ghost activity.

The lady from the first unit has kept in contact with me. She told me that since our ghost investigations they have played with a Ouija board (this was against my advice) and have contacted several spirits. She does not believe that the Ouija board can bring any harm. She is moving, but it is not due to ghosts or what we found during our investigations. Perhaps the new occupants will find the need for a ghost investigation.

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