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Ghosts investigation, evps from northern Ohio

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Ghosts in northern Ohio home. Our investigation report.

We were contacted to investigate a home in northern Ohio. When the occupants were asked why they thought they were living with ghosts they said they experience paranormal activity on a regular basis. I was told that they didn't think that had ghosts, they knew they had ghosts. And that the ghosts follow them from house to house. They believe they have two ghosts, one of them they called the walker ghost because they have seen it only in the dining room, walking back and forth across the floor. The other ghost of the house likes to make noises, whisper in ears and take things. The male of the house, Shawn, states that one day his wedding ring came up missing. He searched high and low but could not find it. About two weeks later it was found. Nothing unusual about that except it was found in a pair of shoes that he wears every day! A relative lost her driver license in the house or so she thought. The house was searched from top to bottom but they could not find the license. Then one day there it was, laying on top of the neatly made bed.

One evening Shawn wanted to see if he could get the ghosts to interact with him by saying let's play." Nothing happened immediately but he said that night they were kept awake by voices and bangings and other strange noises.

Shawn said the ghosts stay in the older part of the house. The have not experienced any activity in the newer addition. The ghosts seem to prefer the master bedroom, the dining room and the living room.

We tried for evps in the bedroom and had Shawn participate because the ghosts are familiar with him. Having him ask some questions might increase the chances of picking up evps. A strange sound showed up after one particular question. The recorder was on the dresser and nobody went near it.

In the living room they have experienced whispers in their ears. This has been experienced by Shawn and also by a friend that has slept on the couch. There is a doll on the back of the couch. The doll was bought on ebay and belong to a little girl that died. It is supposedly haunted and whispers. But Shawn states he heard whispers long before the doll came into the house.

The walker ghost is seen while sitting on the couch, looking through the doorway that leads to the dining room. There is one window in the dining room. It is on the side of the house so that raised the possibilty that what they were seeing could be a passing car even though there is very little traffic on the street. When questioned about the possibilty that what they see could be a lights from a car they said that they didn't think so because the figure they see appears to be wearing clothes. The blinds were pulled and the camcorder was set up pointing in the direction of the dining room where the walker ghost appears. On play back of the tape a car can be heard going down the street but the headlights did not come through the window. Another camcorder was set up in the dining room. It did not catch either of the ghosts.

All the windows were closed and everyone, including the occupants, went outside for a break by the street so there would be no possibility that our voices would be picked up by the recorders. Our voices were not heard but other voices were. Shawn and his wife do not recognize the voices. The first one says "four" several times. There were 4 of our group there. Were ghosts talking about us? The second one sounds to us like I'm hot, with a pause between the words I'm and hot.

The evps....turn your speakers up. 

"four" evp

"I'm hot" evp

Shawn, haunted doll
Haunted doll?

Our photos showed no anomalies, not even dust orbs.

We can't say for sure if the voices that were recorded are ghosts but they were not ours, they are not from an outside source and Shawn does not recognize them. Shawn and his wife are not sure if they want further investigating because they say the activity picked up since we were there and they would rather not stir things up.

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