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Seneca Hotel Ghost Investigation

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Ghost investigation at the Seneca Hotel.
We were contacted to do a ghost investigation at the old Senca Hotel located in downtown Columbus. The stories of ghosts in the basement had been going around for years. The Ohio EPA offices were located in the Seneca in the 70's and 80's. During that time workers reported seeing and hearing the ghost of a young girl in the basement.

The Seneca was Columbus's first high rise hotel. Standing 10 stories high the Seneca was built in 1917 and featured 91 rooms, a second floor ballroom, suites and three party rooms. It was home to the University Club Of Columbus and later became a dormitory for the Nationwide Beauty Academy.
The stories of ghosts have not stopped the the vagrants from hanging out in the Seneca since it became vacated. Luckily we didn't run into any vagrants but there were plenty of signs that they had been there recently.
We did not see or hear the ghost of the little girl or any ghosts but we did experience some things that night we could not explain.
We often bring props when doing a ghost investigation, like toys if it is thought there is a ghost of a child in the house or old music if there is a ballroom. The Seneca was in it's heyday during the big band era so we had brought big band music to play in the ballroom to see if we could stir up the ghosts. As the first song came to an end Angie was setting up her video camera on a tripod. I noticed what looked like a round light moving slowly across the wall. At first I thought it was from her video camera but then I realized her camera was not on. I said aloud several times "where is that light coming from?" Knowing that Brian and Darla were in the next room, Angie said without looking up that it must be them taking photos. I told her "no, it is not that kind of light." Finally she looked up and saw the light just as it moved to the door behind her. It was a perfect circle. We can't really call it an orb. It was flat and it was different from the orbs that I once seen with my own eyes. It was definitely not a flashlight, there was no beam. After a thorough check we discovered there was simply no source for the light. It was just there and it was slowly moving. The only electric in the place was one string of lights in the basement, The only window in the room was boarded up. The only flashlight in the room was sitting on a ledge across the room and it's beam was shining on the wall about 20 feet down from where this light was. 
We watched the light move slowly back to the right a couple of feet and then it just disappeared. Within a few seconds we heard Darla call out that she had just seen an orb with her naked eye. From what she described she saw the same light we had seen.
In the basement near the floor, Brian saw a ball of light shoot from right to left. There was not any windows in the basement and again we could not find any source for the ball of light.
Chris, the newest member of G.H.O.S.T. was in the basement later that night taking photos when he witnessed an old duct pipe start to shake. He called out to Mark who was in the next room to bring the video camera but by the time Mark arrived the shaking had stopped.

We found stacks and stacks of old case files strewn across the basement that belonged to an attorney who was one of the last owners of the Seneca. He is now deceased. The story is many had offered to buy the Seneca several times but he was not willing to sell. Was his ghost trying to scare us away? Was it the little girl ghost? Is the Seneca Hotel truly haunted? Further investigation is needed but we may never know because the Seneca is about to be gutted and turned into apartments. Will the new occupants experience the ghost of the little girl? Perhaps they will call us some day for a ghost investigation.
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Seneca ghost investigations lobby.jpg
Seneca lobby

 chandelier Seneca Ghost Investigation.jpg

seneca pipe.jpg
Pipe that moved

Seneca ghost investigations 041.jpg
Trashed room

Seneca ghosts 011.jpg
Old EPA office.

Fireplace Seneca Ghost investigation.jpg

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