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Mansfield Reformatory, evps, ghost hunt April 30, 2005

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Reports from Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt 2005 - 2006

Mansfield Reformatory evps 4/30/05
Evps from our ghost hunt at Mansfield Reformatory aka Ohio State Reformatory.
We managed to capture a few evps despite all the noise. The gost hunt was sold out. There were over 100 in attendance including a reporter from Lima News and a couple of guys from channel 3 in Cleveland.
We had a great time on our ghost hunt. There were a few scary moments that had nothing to do with the paranormal. There was one guy that walked around without a flashlight, camera or anything. He liked to sneak up behind people and stand completely silent. He would be so close it was like he was looking over your shoulder. Not knowing he was there I turned around in total darkness and bumped right into him. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!
Our group used 3 different digital voice recorders and 3 different handicams to capture these evps.

Ghost hunters Darla and Tonya entered a prison cell to look through some old papers left behind. They were alone or so they thought. They announce that they are not there to take anything, they just wanted to look. A few seconds later a seductive sounding female voice says "hey there." On the same recording about 2 minutes later a male voice says "you're a slut." Darla & Tonya hope it was speaking to the female voice and not to them! We knew about the Warden's wife and about the female spirit that haunts the library but we never expected to pick up female evps in the cell blocks.
Turn your speakers up.

Mansfield Reformatory "hey there"

Mansfield Reformatory "you're a slut"

We cannot figure out what is being said in this clip. None of us heard this at the time. Some Ghost Hunters members thinks it says got a brand new guard or got a brand new car. Others believes it says my name is Bob. It sounds like something different every time I listen to it. Feel free to write to and tell us what you think it says.

"brand new"

In this recording you can hear Tonya talking to Jeff. After she stops speaking a female voice asks "who's that."  You can clearly hear it is not her voice and no one else was around.

"who's that"

We were in the administation wing which was the living quarters of the Warden and his family, when Brian asks "Is there anything you would like to tell us?" Immediately a male voice says "no" After a few seconds a female "no" is heard. There were two deaths in this wing. The Warden’s wife was removing a jewelry box from a closet and knocked a loaded pistol off the shelf. When the gun hit the floor it went off, killing her. Some have said this is a cover-up story. Years later while working in his office the Warden suffered a fatal heart attack. Could this be their voices?

"No" evp

We have no idea what this is. Jeff is talking in a low voice about a guard. This sound or voice is heard over top of him. It was picked up in one of the cells.

evps "unknown garble"

Angie captured the following evps on her recorder. We think this one says in a whisper "o eleven."

"o eleven"

As we were leaving the prison, just before we went out of the prison doors this ghostly moan was recorded. Tonya had forgotten to turn her recorder off. It is a good thing she forgot because we would have missed this great evp.

Mansfield Reformatory evps "ghost moan"

Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Hunt 2006
We returned to Mansfield Reformatory in April 2006 and May 2006. These will be the last public ghost hunts we attend at the prison. We found it impossible to do a serious ghost investigation or record evps with over 100 in attendance, many of which were just thrill seekers. Both trips this year were very disappointing due to the large crowds. So unless they decide to offer private ghost investigations G.H.O.S.T. we will not be going back to Mansfield Reformatory.

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