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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost Hunt

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium ghost hunt, Louisville, Kentucky June 10, 2006.
After reading about what other ghost hunter groups had found at Waverly Hills we couldn't wait to attend a ghost hunt there. Many ghost hunters claimed see shadow people,hear voices and record many evps at Waverly.
We booked what we thought was a private ghost hunt at Sanatorium. We were told if we had 10 people we would have the place to ourselves. We later learned we were not guaranteed a private ghost hunt at all, it only guaranteed a floor to ourselves at all times. Which also meant we had to wait until the others were done before we could move on to another floor. Luckily only about 10 other people were in the other group and they seemed to be serious ghost hunters and not thrill seekers.

Even with the let down of not having the place to ourselves it was a perfect night for a ghost hunt. There was a full moon and lightning in the distance to set the mood. We were surprised to find that the building wasn't as big as it looked in photos but it was still just as spooky. With over 63,000 reported to have died behind Waverly's walls during the TB epidemic it seemed the perfect place to find ghost activity. Tuberculosis was a killer in the early 1900's before antibiotics. If you came down with TB you were whisked off to a sanatorium so you would not infect others and for some very primitive, experimental treatments.
We were to start our ghost hunt at midnight but the night tours were running late. And we had to watch part of Fox's Scariest Places On Earth and TAPS show about Waverly Hills so it was about 1:00 AM before we finally got started.
We were given a short tour which included the morgue, where Fox's Scariest Places Waverly episode showed a body drawer slide out by itself. I had read that Fox rigged it to do that, as well as having someone make noises and our guide confirmed this. He also told us that there was never a draining room.
We were confined to the first and second floors the first couple of hours where offices, a cafeteria and a kitchen were located. Nothing much has been reported to happen on these floors and we were not too happy being stuck there.
Around 3:00 AM we were allowed to move up to the third floor and later the other floors. Many of the windows on the patients floors are missing the glass and have vines or tree limbs coming through. The solarium porch ways are all open to the outside elements. It is easy to see how so many see shadows or things move. The slightest wind blowing through could cause this to happen. Due to the openness anyone talking above a whisper on the grounds outside can be heard.
It was about 5:00 AM before we could got to the roof top, often called the fifth floor because there were a couple of rooms up there. It is where they say a nurse hung herself outside of room 502. Not long after this the birds started to sing and we decided to call it a night.

We were unable to record any valid evps and were pretty much able to debunk the movement of some objects that showed up in our videos as due to the wind. It was a pretty uneventful night except for a couple of intruders that snuck into the building but were soon caught by security.
We did get one interesting photo. We were told there is the ghost of a little boy at Waverly Hills they call Timmy and that he likes to play games with people. Tonya and Darla were walking down a solarium porch way, looking behind doors, trying to call him out. They asked if he were playing hide and seek with them. When they went over their photos taken at that time they were surprised to see what looks like a little boy in a night shirt, possibly leaning on a crutch. We would like to go back and have a look at this door to make sure it is not just an illusion caused by faded paint.

Little boy image, and close up overlay
Little boy Waverly Hills ghost hunt

You can see by the photos below how open Waverly Hills is and how uncontrollable elements could be mistaken for the paranormal.  Click photos for a larger view.

ghost hunt waverly hills porch.gif

Open porch way and doors to rooms.

Prch way Wverly Hills ghost investigation.gif

Another view of the porch way.

ghosts waverly hills sanatorium.gif

Looking out a room onto the porch way.

open windows .gif

Trees outside windows could cause shadows.

Waverl Hills Ghost Hunt Vines

Vines coming through the window.

Waverly Hills roof top

The roof top where room 502 is located.

room 502 ghost hunt waverly hills

Up on the roof, room 502.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium hall

Looking down a hallway.

James from Southern Ohio Paranormal Research (SOPR) attended the ghost hunt with us. Visit SOPR to see his interesting video of an unknown object flying around in one of the halls at Waverly Hills.

Southern Ohio Paranormal Research-SOPR

Is Waverly Hills haunted by the ghosts of former patients? Possibly. It's certainly the place all ghost hunters want to investigate. It looks very spooky, but are the conditions and elements the real cause for the ghosts, shadows and movement of objects seen at Waverly Hills Sanatorium?

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