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Moonville Tunnel Ghosts, Our Trip

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Ghosts haunt the Moonville Tunnel or so the legend goes.
In southeastern Ohio there used to be a little mining town called Moonville. All that is left today is a cemetery,train tunnel and lots of stories of ghosts that haunt the tunnel.

One of the ghost stories of the Moonville Tunnel ghosts is that a woman that was walking along the tracks on her way to visit her lover when she was hit by a train and decapitated. Her ghost can be seen near the tunnel at night wearing a white gown.
Another ghost story is that of a black miner that had been playing cards with his friends in a shack located near the tunnel. On his walk home along the tracks he was hit by a train and killed. His ghost can be seen at night waving a lantern.
The ghost of a man that was murdered at a nearby inn is reported to haunt Moonville.
Then there is a ghost story of the brakeman that fell from one of the cars. His legs were badly crushed and he died later from his injuries. 
In 1895 a Chillicothe Ohio newspaper reported that the Moonville ghost was once again appearing in front of a fast moving train and then disappearing into the rocks after the train stopped.
Another ghost story tells of a ten year girl that was playing on the tracks near the tunnel in 1986 when she was hit by a train. It is said that people can hear a little girl's ghostly laugh near the tunnel.
With all these stories of ghosts that haunt Moonville we decided to make the trip to Vinton County, Ohio to see if we could spot any of the ghosts. We arrived about an hour before dark. The hike through the woods was quite a challenge since I was recovering from a badly sprained ankle. There were large rocks and tree roots sticking out of the ground along the path. At the end of the trail is an incline that leads to the top of the hill where the tunnel is located. It was muddy and very slick. Luckily there were roots sticking out on both sides that we used to pull ourselves up.
At first glance the tunnel appears quite scary but once inside it is not scary at all. It was actually pretty peaceful up there. We hung around taking photos and letting the voice recorders run hoping to pick up some evps.
After it grew dark a group of teens came up to the tunnel while we were there so we decided to go find the old cemetery that was located at the end of one of the paths. The path we took was the scariest thing we encoutered that night. But it did not lead to the cemetery, it ended at a partial trestle. We had taken the wrong path. Returning to the road we discovered that many other ghost hunters had arrived. Moonville Tunnel is a popular place after dark. With all those people roaming around we decide we would come back another time to visit the cemetery.

Although we didn't see any ghosts at Moonville we did pick up an evp shortly after arriving at the tunnel. No one else was around and this isn't any of our voices. We can't quite make out what it says but it sounds female. Could it be the voice of the ten year old or the woman in white?

female evp

Click on the photos for a larger view.

Hiking through the woods.
Moonville Tunnel Ghosts 1
The Tunnel
The Moonville Tunnel
Walking through the tunnel.
Ghosts at Moonville Tunnel
Graffiti on the walls
Clown Graffiti
Spooky path in the woods
Path we took
Graffiti on the bridge
Bridge at Moonville

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