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Ghost investigations at haunted house pg. 5

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More ghost investigations from the haunted farm house. We have so much stuff from this haunted house that we had to start a fifth page. Here you will find more info, spooky evps, photos and other paranormal happenings that take place on this property. The ghosts and spirits we believe live in the barn are usually very active. For those of you that entered this site on this page be sure to go to Ghost Hunters investigations pages for the full story about this haunted house.

July 13

We are still continuing our investigations at this haunted house but as the weather gets warmer the ghost activity seems to have slowed. It has been reported that some ghosts will haunt a location around a time that was important to them while they were living. Some ghosts may appear around the anniversary of their death especially if it was violent. Maybe they just don't like the warmer weather or maybe they have moved on. We will keep you posted of anything new we find. Meanwhile we are continuing our research of the property.

Tonya and Rick have moved out of the home. We had one last investigation after the home was empty. Our recorders caught what sounded like heavy furniture was being dragged across the floor several times, as well as loud bangs, knocking, tapping and other unexplained noises.
Tonya now lives just down the road from the house. Her new home has a completely different atmosphere than the farm house. Hopefully she will not experience ghostly activity in her new place.
Update: 11 24, 2006
I recently spoke with the new occupants of the house. They informed me that a shadow of a young child has been seen in the house and voices heard in the barn.

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