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Prospect Place Mansion ghost hunt evps

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Prospect Place Mansion evps from our ghost hunt on March 5, 2005.

Scroll to bottom for Prospect Place Ghost Hunt 2006.

We captured several evps while ghost hunting at Prospect Place Mansion. Shadowman even turned up in one of our photos. 

We arrived early for the ghost hunt. We were given a nice room with several beds, couches, computer and coffee pot. It was a comfortable place to keep our equipment, meet up with our members and drink our badly needed coffee.


The whole group went to the basement. It has a dirt floor and is very dusty. Randy pointed out the areas where others have witnessed things or felt a presence. The step in the doorway is where many have felt something. Tonya was sitting in the doorway adjusting her face mask she was wearing due to the dust. All of a sudden she jumped up and said something was stroking her hair! We believe it was the Shadowman that haunts Prospect Place, although we did not see anything at the time he showed up on our photo that was taken after Tonya ran away.

Captured on camera Shadowman.gif
Prospect Place basement

This evp was captured in the barn. It sounds like to us "Can you believe I'm Mary?" A news article from 1948 states that George W.Adams had several daughters, one of them named Mary. Could this be her ghost?

Turn your speakers up or use headphones for best results.

"can you believe i'm mary" evp

Jeff felt a cold chill run through him while exploring the barn so he took some photos of the area around him and got these two pictures with mist in them. He states he was holding his breath at the time.
mist in 2 places in the barn
Prospect Place ghost hunt mist

While in the ballroom we heard heavy footsteps on the wooden stairs and we thought it was the rest of our group coming to join us but it wasn't. Suddenly the footsteps stopped. As we were going down the stairs from the ballroom Darla and Brian were last. They both heard footsteps behind them. They stopped on the landing to listen and the footsteps could still be heard. They couldn't see any one in the darkness behind them. It was as though someone was following them from far behind. 

We had the recorder on and it captured several evps. They are not in response to any questions, they can be heard over sounds of us walking around. These strange voices do not belong to anyone in our group.

"ok" evp

"why la" evp

Later that night as Brady was coming down the staircase he saw what he describes as a bushy haired woman, retreat into the room to the right of the staircase. He went straight into the room but found no one. 

mist in coat room
Prospect Place ghost hunt coat room
Prospect Place Mansion
sick room
Prospect Place ghost hunt sick room

Everyone was getting tired around this time and most were resting in our room. Angie, Darla, Tonya, Brady and myself decided to go sit in the mistress's bedroom which was just down the hall from our room. Evps were attempted with no luck. While sitting on the sofa in this room we all felt a cold breeze sweep past. A few seconds later Darla, who was sitting on the end of the sofa, felt someone rub her earlobe several times. 

There were several rooms we weren't able to investigate due to the restoration going on.

The ghost hunt was officially over at 4:00 am. We could have stayed longer, even slept there but as tired as we were we still decided to drive home.

We would recommend an overnight ghost hunt at Prospect Place to anyone. If you are just getting into ghost hunting this is the place to start. 

Prospect Place at night
 Prospect Place Mansion ghost hunt

Prospect Place Mansion Ghost Hunt September 8, 2006
We attended a private ghost hunt again this year. A lot of things have changed since our last visit to Prospect Place. Last year we were shown around and allowed to investigate without interruption.  We found that wasn't the case this year. We also discovered late in the night that voices from outside can be heard inside in some rooms. Voices from the guest rooms can carry up to the ballroom. We can not say with certainty that voices picked up by the recorders when left in these rooms are real evps so we will not be posting them at this time.
Table tipping lessons given by the guide also took up much of our time in the ballroom. Some of our members do not put much stock in table tipping and felt that it wasted valuable investigating time.
We would still recommend a ghost hunt at Prospect Place Mansion, but we do not recommend leaving your recorders unattended.

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