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The children's bedrooms have several ghosts. We set our equipment up in Cameron's room for the investigation and to try to record evps. We didn't capture any evps but we did record something unusual on video in the bedroom. Usually we will do the house and the barn but this night we spent the entire time in the children's bedroom. We aimed the camcorder toward the closet because this is where Cameron often sees a ghost man. We have done ghosts investigations in this house many times and each of us get an eerie feeling when we pass by this closet. We got comfortable, just settled back and talked quietly. Evps can sometimes be heard over voices so we figured we would just talk for a while and see what turned up. After about fifteen minutes or so we started asking questions.

There is a model airplane hanging from a string in the middle of the room. Brady notice is was moving, turning very slowly. As we watched it came to a stop. He asked "is there anyone here with us?" and immediately it began to move. We continued to watch and it would start moving then stop several times throughout the evening. There were not any drafts to cause this. The furnance was not on so it was not air from the furnace kicking on. Although we can't prove it we feel this was spirit energy or an unseen ghosts causing the plane to move.

When watching the video after we went home we noticed what we call a ghost face in the doorway of the room. The closet is just outside of the doorway, on the right, in a little alcove that separates the two bedrooms. This is where the face appeared. The face is visible for 3-4 minutes. None of us saw this anomaly while we were in the room. At one point Tonya leaves the room. On the video playback we can hear her coming back up the stairs and at this time the face begins to fade. After that it does not appear on the rest of the video. Although we can't say for sure it is a ghost we can say it is definitely paranormal.

The next day we went back to investigate the closet to see if we could find something that could have appeared as a face. There was nothing there but clothes and clothes cannot just disappear. 

For those of you that may think the girl in the video comes from the closetf the closet I have marked the photo to show where the closet is.

ghostly face video

Child's bedroom at the Galloway haunted house.

Video still of ghostly face
possible ghost face close up.jpg

Ghosts investigations Galloway  face in closet
haunted house closet

Below is the video still and a photo of the lady that lived in the house in the 1920's.  The hairline, nose, eye and mouth are very similar.

Ghostly face comparison.jpg

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