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Ghosts Haunt The Anchorage Marietta Ohio

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Do ghosts roam The Anchorage, a twenty two room mansion located in Marietta Ohio? Could one of the ghosts be Eliza Putnam?
Eliza Putnam, wife of prominent businessman Douglas Putnam, had visited friends in New Jersey and was so impressed by their home that she had it's replica built overlooking the Muskingum River. Putnam Villa, as it was known, was finished in 1859 but Eliza didn't get to enjoy it long, she died of heart disease in 1862. It is said she loved the house so much she refuses to leave and her ghost still haunts the mansion.
David Putnam, Douglas' brother was a well known abolitionist who operated an underground railroad station. Many believed the Putnam Villa was also used as an underground railroad but reports say that the family members strongly deny this rumor.
The mansion changed hands several times over the years. In 1896 it was purchased by the Knox family. The Knox family business was boat making and the name of the Putnam Villa was changed to The Anchorage. It was last used as a nursing home. It is currently being renovated by the Washington County Historical Society.

After a day visit to the Anchorage we scheduled an overnight ghost investigation. Although it is a very spooky looking place at night and looks like it should have plenty of ghosts we unable to document any paranormal activity the night we were there. We recorded hours of video. Digital voice recorders did not pick up any evps. Our photos showed no anomalies except a few dust orbs. We did not hear anything or experience any abnormal feelings.
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Putnam Villa
The widows walk Anchorage Marietta Ohio
The Widows Walk

Is The Anchorage haunted? We can't say it is or it isn't at this point. Ghost hunts have been conducted by others at the mansion but so far they have not made their findings known.

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