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Ghosts - Investigations - Galloway Ohio Home

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Possible ghosts in basement of Galloway home. The man that lived in this house last was run off the road and killed. It was a case of road rage.
To protect the new occupant's identity I will refer to her as the lady.
The lady that lives in this small house now believes she is haunted by ghosts and thinks one of the ghosts is that of the man that was killed by road rage less than a mile from the house.
Her complaints were noises loud enough to wake her such as banging, scratching and pounding. She says she has seen a red orb above her bed on several occasions. She has seen what she describes as black mist. Things come up missing and then turn up in strange places. The TV turns on and off by itself. Soon after moving in she came home to find a lamp laying on the floor busted to pieces. The signifance of the broken lamp is the man that was killed had remove all the light fixures when he lived in the house. The lady thinks that he busted her lamp because he does not want light in the house. He was a strange man and had written strange messages on the walls when he lived there.

One afternoon the lady was watching her grandson and took him shopping.  She bought him an inexpensive ring that he wanted. Later that day, just before his mother arrived to pick him up, he starting crying because he could not find the ring. He did not want to go home without his ring. The lady promised him that if she found it she would put it up for him.  He was still crying over the ring when he left the house with his mother.
That night when his mother emptied her jean pockets she pulled out her keys, some change and a ring she had never seen before. The little boy started jumping up and down shouting "my ring, my ring, you found my ring."  Needless to say his mother was in shock. How did the ring get in her pocket?
The investigation.....
The house is very small. It is a strangely built house. The first floor is only one room. It is unfinished and used as a basement even though it is at ground level. The upper floor is the main part of the house. You can enter the house by using a set of stairs outside that leads to the upper level. The lower level also has a door.
After checking out the upper rooms we went to the basement. We were doing EMF readings, temperatures and deciding where we wanted to set up our equipment when something started scratching and thumping against the outside door. There was no doubt that the sound was coming from the door. We opened it but nothing was there.
Finally we settled down in the middle of the room to try to record some evps. We had asked if there was anyone with us to please give us a sign. It was no sooner asked when a cold blast of air went across my legs. It is thought by many ghost hunters that this is a sign of ghosts. No one else in the room felt the cold air. I asked for someone to hand me the EMF meter and as soon as I got it in my hand it started going crazy. Another possible sign that ghosts are present. The spiking continued for about 15 seconds and then suddenly it stopped. Had we just experienced ghosts? Nothing appeared in photos taken at this time. We continued with our questions and the EMF meter did not spike again.
We have one possible evp from this night. It is very faint and at this time it is still under review.
Something did show up in photos that were taken later that night in a corner of the room. Brady thought he saw a huge orb in the viewfinder so he took another photo in the same spot. Click on the photos for a larger view.

ghosts investigations black one
Something black in the first photo.
ghosts investigations something black two
This photo was taken a few seconds later.
ghosts investigations black lightened
The same photo lightened.
ghosts investigations normal photo
Normal photo of same area.

We can't say at this time that what we experienced was caused by ghosts. Further investigations will be conducted in the near future.

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