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Ghost Hunt at west side house by Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunt 5/27/05

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team had the opportunity recently to do a ghost hunt at a possible haunted house on the west side of columbus. My brother Mike lived in this house years ago. He believed in ghosts and thought the house was haunted. He would hear noises at night. Items would come up missing only to be found in strange places later. I wasn't a ghost hunter back then but I remember going to the house at night to sit with him because he wanted me to hear what he had been hearing. I did hear strange thumps, scratching and other sounds but I never saw any ghosts. I figured it was animals under the house or in the rafters, after all I didn't believe in ghosts.

Mike had taken in a border named Sam. Not long after Sam moved in Mike got sick. He had to moved in with me. Sam stayed in the house  but he was eventually evicted. A couple of weeks after Sam was evicted his body was found along the interstate. He had been murdered. He had been sleeping anywhere he could, he was homeless. The little house on the west side was the last real home he had before he was murdered. Some of his clothes were still in the house at the time of his murder.

Mike is now deceased. I was thinking about him recently and how he had thought the house was haunted. I decided to call the owners to see if any other renters had said the place was haunted. They hadn't heard about any hauntings but the renters never stayed long. The house has been vacant a long time. They said it should be torn down. But they gave Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team permission to investigate and see what we could find. Being the ghost hunter that I am I thought it could be possible Sam's ghost hung around the place, since it was really the last place he lived. Only one way to find out. Do a ghost hunt.

Before doing the ghost hunt we checked the place out a few days ahead of time. The place was trashed. There was a huge hole in the floor and parts of the ceiling hung down in different places. The back door was gone and the only thing that remained was a broken screen door. The house still had all it's windows except in one room. We checked out each room for safety. There was no electrical power to the house. Emf readings didn't show anything unusual. We had our recorders with us that day but didn't pick up any evps. Plans were made to do the ghost hunt on Friday night at 11:00.

Walking up to the house that Friday night was a lot different than it had been during the day. For one thing it was very dark. The house sits back from the road a ways. When Angie entered the living room she said she didn't feel quite right. After a few seconds the feeling passed. We arranged milk crates in the center of the living room to sit on. We set up the camcorders and digital voice recorders in several places around the house. We sat down to wait. We wanted to let any possible spirits or ghosts that might be there get used to our presence before we began the evp session.

Finally we began to ask questions hoping to get some evps. The usual question was asked "Is there any body here with us tonight?" About 4 seconds later there was one loud thump but we didn't hear it at the time. What we did hear happened about six seconds later. A tapping or knocking came from somewhere in the middle of the house. We all heard the tapping. I felt my heart begin to race. The knocking was loud. I was afraid it was a person and not a ghost or spirit.

Next Brian asked "Was that you we just heard?" Again something knocked 6 or 7 times, but this time it sounded as though it came from upstairs. It wasn't quite as loud as the first time.

We continued with the questions but didn't get any nosies after that or any kind of evps. The knocking did not happened again.

Please turn your speakers up and
listen closely at 10 seconds mark.

ghostly knock 1

Night shot of empty house1.gif
west side haunted house

Please turn your speakers up and
listen closely at 9 seconds mark.

ghostly knock 2

west side  house2.gif
Living room

We do not know at this time if the tapping sounds we heard were ghosts. We do not believe it was an animal in the house. It wasn't a sound an animal would make. Brady tapped on the walls to compare it to what we heard and the sound was exactly the same. There has not been water in the house for years so the tapping wasn't coming from the pipes. Is it really a haunted house? Is it Sam's ghost? Further investigating is needed to answer that question. Check back to see what we find on the next ghost hunt at the west side house.

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