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Mansfield Reformatory ghost hunt photos

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Mansfield Reformatory ghost hunt 4/30/05
Photos from our ghost hunt at the old prison. We took over 900 pictures that night. Below are a few of them. We used 35mm, digital cameras and camcorders.

Shot from the road MRPS.gif
Mansfield Reformatory

Red mist
Ohio State Reformatory red mist ghost hunt .gif

This red mist was shot with a digital camera. There was no light source. Looks like there might be a figure forming on the stairs.

basement mist
strange mist in basement photos.gif

Mist in the basement of the Ohio State Reformatory. There appears to be a black shadow on the right side of the bricks.
misty substance on  side porch .gif
When you come out of the prison you step onto a porch. It branches off to the left, like a walkway that leads down to another door and a window.  It sounded like a chair was being shoved across concrete in that direction. No one was down there. We snapped a couple of photos then walked the few feet down to the door. Nothing there but a rolled up hose.

something in cell
Something strange in priosn cell .gif

The inside of a cell. The photo is dark even though the flash went off. I have no idea what this white thing is.

Medication bottle
 rx bottle left behind ghost hunters photos.gif

We found many items left in the prison cells, like this prescription bottle.

looking down the cell block
Long dark, dank, cell block.gif

Row of cells. Peeling paint and paint chips everywhere. The walk down the cell block was pretty clear of paint chips but most of the cells were covered with them.

Pond on grounds
prison  pond on grounds at dusk gif

We arrived early for the ghost hunt so we wandered around outside taking photos. This is the pond that is on the prison grounds.

MRPS  old sparky photo.gif

Old sparky sits in a glass display case.

Dark red mist
Mansfield Reformatory red mist looking down
Tonya captured this red mist with her digital camera. There was nothing there to cause this anomaly.
face in mirror
 face in dirty mirror picture.gif

In this photo you can see a young child staring back from the mirror. It looks like there is an oval frame around the child.

face in window
Mansfield Reformatory ghost hunt, face in  window
I snapped this photo a few minutes later of the same area where the dragging sound came from. Notice the small face in the window. There is no body, just a face. It looks like it is a man's face. It is not a reflection of anyone on the porch, it is too small to be a reflection. There were only three women on the porch at that time.

Writing on prison cell wall
Mansfield Reformatory ghost hunt writing on wall

"Hope to leave in August" was written on one of the walls. I wonder if he got to leave in August? We got an evp from this prison cell that repeats the word August.

stuff left behind
More stuff left left behind in cell  photos .gif

More items left behind. Books, magazines, papers, even lottery tickets dating back to 1990 were found in the cells.

cleaned up cell
cleaned up cell OSR .gif

This is the first cells we were shown. I guess this was to show how it may have looked back then.

Dark cell block walk
dark cell block photos . gif

Long dark row of cells. I expected something to jump out at me every time I shined a flashlight into a dark cell.

Darla, one of Ghost Hunter's members was talking to a lady near the prison door when she saw an apparition go through a wall. She said it happened so quickly she was not able to get a photo.

As we walked around taking photos some of our group experienced cold spots that didn't appear to be caused by drafts. Some entered rooms that they felt completely uncomfortable in.


Visit our Mansfield Reformatory EVP page for our report on the 2006 ghost hunt.

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