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Ghosts, evps, investigations pg. 3

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Page three - the ghosts continue to haunt barn. Investigations were conducted throughout the month of March. Our recordings from the barn turned up several evps, including children's laughter in the middle of the night.

March 3, 2005
Ghost hunters present this night were myself, Darla, Brian, Brady and Tonya who lives there. Several blue orbs appeared in our photos. Brian saw one of the orbs with his own eyes. It was the first time he had seen one with his own eyes. We were able to capture a photo of it. It looks pretty much like a dust orb but since he saw this orb moving across the room and told us to take a photo it just goes to show that orbs that look like dust in photos may not always be due to dust.
Brian and Darla went to the barn loft to try to get some evps. They asked the ghosts several questions, then left the recorder in the loft and returned to the house. When playing back the recording we did not hear any responses to the questions but near the end of the recording there is a voice that sounds like it is coming from downstairs or far away. It is very faint but definitely a voice. But we cannot tell exactly what it is saying. To some of us it sounds like "Wanna talk to Darla" and to others it sounds like "Wanna play with Cameron." I took this recording to a professional to try to bring the voice forward but he couldn't because his equipment could not recognize it as sound.

You may need to turn your speakers up to hear the evps.

"wanna play"

March 7, 2005

Only one evp was captured this night. It was around 11:00 pm. Brian and Brady asked their questions and returned to the house. This little girl's laugh was caught on the recorder. As I said before there are no close neighbors and a child wouldn't have been outside at 11:00 at night in 18 degree temperatures. A whistle is heard then laughter. Some of our members think it is not a whistle but the sound a squeeze toy makes. Children's ghosts perhaps?

"child laughter"

March 12, 2005
A recorder was left in the barn around 11:00 pm. Temp was 22 degrees outside and 18 degrees in the barn loft. Although there were no evps that followed our questions this one showed up about 20 minutes after we left the barn. There is a unexplained bang and then a voice and another bang. We believe it says "I'm in third."  We have no idea what the bang is. In checking the barn we did not find anything that could have possibly fell.

"I'm in third"

March 18, 2005
As usual we set up our recorders and camcorders in the barn for evps and began our questions. After about 5 minutes we left, leaving our equipment in the barn to to record. Usually it is advised not to leave recorders unattended during investigations as it could pick up voices from other rooms or someone could mess with it. But in this case that was not a worry, this is a pretty isolated house and there is no one outside at night near the barn or anywhere for matter, that could contaminate the recordings. We didn't pick up any evps. The camcorder was facing one of the small rooms in the loft and it did pick up 2 things, a bright white "something" that seems to come out of the back wall and float upward out of view.

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