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Ghosts, evps, investigations at haunted house continues, page 2

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Ghosts at Galloway house continues. Four evps recorded in barn.
We were really there that night to attend a birthday party, not to look for ghosts but when everyone went home we just couldn't resist going out to the barn.
We set up the recorders and took some photos. Equipment used, Sony digital camcorder with nightshot. Olympus digital voice recorder for evps. Kodak cx7430 digital camera. Nothing was caught on the camcorder. An evp was captured while the equipment was being set up. We were not asking questions at this time. A loud whispered "look" is heard. There were 3 investigators in the barn and this voice does not belong to any of them.

"look" evp

Investigation - February 26-27, 2005
Three evps were recorded in the haunted barn over the course of two nights. It was very late at night when these were recorded. The voices were not heard when the questions were asked. Brian asks "What is your name" and the answer was "I'm Bob." Later he asked "Do you have a favorite color?" and the response was "orange." 

"I'm Bob"


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