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Ghost investigations, haunted Galloway house - the Story

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Ghost investigations at one of our members house. How it all began.

Children see ghosts often in this haunted house. Paranormal events happen here on a regular basis. We do continuing ghost investigations here. We are constantly researching to find out who these ghosts might be.

Tonya, a Ghost Hunters member, lives in the old haunted house. It is haunted by several spirits and ghosts. Why they haunt the place is still unknown.

The story....why Tonya believes the home has ghosts.

When Rick and Tonya had first moved in they had stayed up late into the night painting. They had the windows open because it was hot and also to let out the paint fumes. About 2:00 am they heard very clearly small children's laughter coming from the back yard, near the barn. Their own kids were upstairs sound sleep. They have no close neighbors. They went out to the yard to investigate but didn't find any children. All was quiet. But they didn't connect this event with ghosts at first.

Tonya's son Cameron, sees ghosts often. 

Cameron was looking out the kitchen window when he asked "Mommy why is that man hanging from the tree?" She told him that there was not a man in the tree. Cameron said "yes there is, right there, he's wearing a hat."

Cameron has told his mom that he doesn't want to sleep in his room any longer because the ghost man with the rainbow shirt and long hair that lives in the closet keeps jerking the blankets off of him.

Tonya heard footsteps in Cameron's room. Knowing they were alone and he was in the living room she went upstairs to investigate. She found nothing. Coming down the stairs she heard him talking in the living room. She asked him who he was talking to and he said "I was talking to the ghosts. I tell them to leave but they just won't listen to me" 

Tonya's daughter Savannah

Savannah came running down the steps screaming "Mommy, Mommy" She was in tears and very upset. She told Tonya that the woman in her room was scaring her. She said the women kept looking at her with her arms held out. Savannah felt the women wanted to hurt her. She described her as wearing a long flowered skirt, white hair and old.

One day they returned home to find the freezer door opened. They knew it was not opened when they left because they pass through the kitchen when leaving the house. Even if it was accidentally left opened it still does not explain how a 8lb bag of ice got out of the freezer and was laying on the floor clear across the room.

They constantly find the refrigerator dial turned to off. They thought one of the kids kept turning it off even though they all denied doing so. They rearranged all the items in the refrigerator thinking maybe the dial was being turned when milk jug was removed. Still the dial would be found turned to off. They bought a door alarm that chimed every time the kids got in the fridge. She would check the dial after each chime, it would still on. But later she would find the fridge off. The alarmed hadn't chimed so she knew it wasn't the kids. This has happened over and over. 

One morning Tonya found the kitchen floor covered in water, actually flooded. The counter tops were also covered in water. The sink was empty so it was not an over flowing sink. The stopper was not in the drain. Checking around they couldn't find any cause for the water. Maintenance men were called out, they did not find any leaks in the pipes or any other reasons for the water.

The barn......

It wasn't just the events in the house that prompted us to start our ghost investigations. Unexplained things happen in the barn too.

The barn is very old and the loft is divided up into 4 rooms. It has the original support beams, tree trunks, cut in half and still have the bark on them. The barn is used for storing lawn mowers, bikes, yard toys and other junk.

One summer evening the kids wanted to camp out in the yard area so they pitched a tent. Not wanting the kids staying out there alome Rick slept in the tents with the kids. During the night he was awaken again by loud noises coming from the barn.

Another time there was a stack of metal in the barn. It was stacked there by Tonya and her boyfriend. It took both to lift the metal, it was very heavy. In the middle of the night, all of a sudden, there were banging sounds coming from the barn as if things were being thrown about. Not the sound of something falling, but being thrown with force. It continued for several minutes. The dog was going crazy, growling and barking, trying to break her chain to get loose to get into the barn. Both Tonya and Rick have always felt uneasy in the barn and there was no way they were going in there that night or let the dog go in.

The next morning they found the metal that they had stacked up strewn across the barn. Most people would think well, it just toppled over. Tonya says it was too heavy to end up where it did. There is all kinds of stuff in the middle of the barn. The section where the metal was stacked, had furniture, boxes and crates that would have prevented the metal from scattering beyond those points. The metal was on the other side of all these things. It was impossible, unless something very strong threw the metal over the objects. Rick, who is more of a skeptic, but admits he can't explain some of the things that have happened, tries to explain it away as a cat or other animal had got into the barn and caused the metal to fall. Tonya believes it was the mean spirit that resides in the barn.

On another occasion the kids were sleeping out in the yard and Tonya had stayed out there with them in a sleeper van. In the middle of the night something smacked the side of the van several times. Thinking the kids were playing tricks she went to check only to find the kids fast asleep and the tents zipped.

Tonya has smelled cigar smoke in the house but no one smokes cigars. She has smelled bad body odor and sage among other things in the house and barn. Strange odors is often thought to be a sign of a ghost presence. 

Tonya has found that an older woman had a heart attack in the kitchen and died. She hss not been able to find out if there have been other deaths on the property.

Tonya says the ghosts seem to get really active when voices are raised. She does not fear the ghosts but wishes the pranks would stop. She hopes that our investigations will find an answer to the hauntings. Maybe then we can have someone help them move on to the other side.

Please click the image to read more about Tonya's ghosts. Hear the evps that we have recorded on our ghost investigations at this truly haunted house.

Note: When this story was first written I mistakingly wrote that the kids camped out the night the metal was strewn about the barn. That was wrong, that was not the night they camped out and it has been corrected. 

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