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Ghosts - investigations - Akron Ohio area

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Ghosts are reported to be very active in this home near Akron Ohio. Betty, John and their five children have lived in the ten room house for about six years. Betty said she has no doubt that ghosts are in her home.

Betty said she first suspected her home had ghosts not long after moving in. She was in bed one night when it felt as though someone crawled into the bed with her. But no one was there. Another time she saw a black mist over her bed. She closed her eyes and said "go away, go away." When she opened her eyes the black mist shot out the door causing papers on the computer desk to fluttered to the floor. Her husband jumped up and tried to follow it but it disappeared.

Betty has experienced whispers in her ear, her hair being stroked, apparitions, footsteps on the stairs and door knobs that turn by themselves. Toilets flush by themselves and lights flicker. She said she is used to it. The only time she has been frightened was when she saw the black mist above her bed.

The night of our investigation Betty's children were not home but each had typed up their stories about the things they experience. Some of the stories were quite long. Parts of  stories, in their own words, and their first names are used here with permission.

Megan's account of ghosts. Our purple toy jeep was laying on it's side in my bedroom. I was by the bed and Morgan was by the desk. Morgan was closer to the jeep. The jeep started to sort of roll on it.s side. Neither Morgan or I touched it.

Once when the babysitter was yelling the cabinet doors opened by themselves.

Britany's accounts of ghosts. I went out to the back porch to get a pop from the fridge out there. When I went back into the house Sam was sitting on a chair looking very upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said the cabinet doors just opened by themselves. We shut them and went back out on the porch. When we came back in the house all the doors were opened again.

Once I woke up because I was thirsty. I went downstairs to get a drink. I was surprised to see all the silverware was all over the floor. I picked it up, got my drink and went back to bed with my head covered.

Andy and I were on the basement steps one night when we heard laughter of children. We looked out the basement window, it was dark outside but saw two kids playing catch. Andy looked at me and asked if I saw what he saw and I said yes. We looked back and they were gone.

One time I went to the garage attic to look for 2 x 4's for my dad. I saw an older boy up there looking at me. I left the attic and my dad went up there to talk to the kid but no one was up there.

All of the girls and I were watching TV in my room when someone knock on the door. I went to the door and no one was there. I went back to watching TV and someone started knocking again. But again no one was there.  I started thinking it was coming from the attic door so I put my ear on the door and sure enough it was coming from there. We left the room. There was no way that any of us were going to open that door.

Morgan's accounts of ghosts. There was a red sort of heart shaped object dancing by the bottom bunk in my bedroom. My sister Megan and I both saw it. The same night I hid my purse in the closet. Later I heard something moving around in the closet. The next day my purse was gone. I found my purse in the closet two days later. I have heard a woman calling my name but mom said she didn't call me.

I have also heard a baby cry, it sounded like it was coming from Britany and Laura's room.

Andy's accounts of ghosts. In the upstairs bathroom while taking a shower I saw a male figure walk by. I saw his shadow through the shower curtain. When I moved the curtain there was nobody there.

There have been several times that we get up in the morning and all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen are open.

There have been many times when I have been down in the basement whe I have heard a male, female and a child call for me.

Morgan and I were playing in her room and out of no where there came something banging from her closet. No one was in there. We went out into the hallway and no one was there either. The banging stopped for a short time but it started again later.

Laura's accounts of ghosts. I was upstairs in my bedroom and heard someone calling my name. Mom and Dad both said they didn't call for me. This happens a lot.

John, Betty's husband, accounts of ghosts. I heard a child whispering "dad, dad, dad." I got up to see if one of the kids needed me but no one was there. I just went back to bed.


What we found......

A former owner died in the house of natural causes but Betty does not know of any other deaths or tragedies occuring in the home. A young man commited suicide in the garage next door. The family have since moved away.

We recorded two possible evps but I am not convinced that they are not a living person's voice so I cannot post them here as evps. None of the cabinet doors were loose and walking heavily did not cause them to open. A floor lamp did flicker several times as I walked by. I suspected that walking by shook the lamp a little causing it to flicker but I could not get the lamp to flicker again no matter how hard I walked. The bulb was screwed in tight. No other lights that were on at that time flickered. Maybe the lamp has a loose wire. Brian and Darla spent quite a bit of time sitting in the attic. They did not hear any noises. They did not see any animals or birds that could cause the knocks and taps heard by family members. They did not find any holes or openings that would allow birds or animals in. At one point Brian thought something had touched him but nothing showed up on our video. Angie saw a shadow moving in the basement but she could not determine it's source.

Unfortunately we did not witness any of the other events that the family has experienced. That does not necessarily mean that there are not ghosts in the home. Maybe they just weren't active that night.

Betty said she is not concerned in getting rid of the ghosts, she just wants to document the activity. We agreed to return in the future but meanwhile we showed her how to record evps, how listen for them and suggested she set up a video camera.

We want to thank Betty and John for having us in their home. They are super friendly, helpful and made us feel very comfortable.

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