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Prospect Place Mansion Ghost Hunt Photos

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Our Prospect Place Mansion ghost hunt photos.
This page contains miscellaneous photos taking while ghost hunting at Prospect Place Mansion. Mist in the barn, light streaks in the ballroom. A few faces hiding in the dark. Perhaps a shadowman.  Almost all our photos had dust orbs in them. Walking on the dirt floor of the basement stirs up the dust.  Some of these photos don't have any anomalies in them, they are just here to show the inside of the mansion. You can find more Prospect Place photos on the investigation pages. If you have never been on a ghost hunt before the haunted mansion with it's haunted barn and ballroom is a good place to start.
Please note that we do not claim that the photos or videos on this site are in fact ghosts. They are anomalies we found to be interesting.
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Video still
possible ghost.gif
boy and girl ghosts?
Angie's video stills looks like there is a boy and girl peeking out of the darkness.  This is called pareidolia, what many ghost hunters call matrixing.

ghost hunt 3/5/05 barn photos.gif
upper floors

Second floor of barn at Prospect Place Mansion. It was off limits to ghost hunters that night.

Investigating the ballroom
Prospect Place Manision ghost hunt, the  ballroom

Jeff on the left and Darla on the right.  A  huge ball of light on the back wall. It is not from a flashlight but is most likely a dust orb.

Very dusty basement
ghost hunt basement orbs, dust orbs.gif

Waitng for something paranormal in the basement.  Many ghost hunters have experience things  in the basement, like a touch or getting their hair pulled.  The dirt floor caused so many dust orbs you can hardly see Jeff and Brady.

More waiting
Steve, Brady in  ballroom. upper floor picture gif

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team members Steve on the left side waits for something to happen. Steve and Brady in right photo.

Video capture by Angie
prospect place blackstreak.gif

Video still of something black that was capture by Angie on her camcorder.  Seconds later it is gone.

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
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