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Ghost hunt at abandoned house

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Ghost hunt conducted at abandoned farm house on the far west side of Columbus. There are many abandoned farm houses in this area of town. Most are on or around Darby Dan Farms.
Ghost Hunters members in attendance were Brian, Darla, Tonya, Brady and myself.
Locals say this house is haunted. I don't know if any ghosts and spirits live there but if they don't they should. This has to be one of the scariest places we've been to. It looked like the perfect place for a ghost hunt. The thing that made it so spooky is that the house sits way back off the road. The driveway is lined with trees that forms a tunnel. Of course we conducted the ghost hunt after dark. It doesn't have to be dark but it sure sets the mood. It was pitch black outside. We parked near the road because we didn't want to get the car stuck in the mud. The walk to the house was the longest in my life next to the walk back. 
The house was pretty much trashed. The floor in the upstairs was rotten so we only went as far as the top step. We shot some video and photos in the downstairs. Brian and I tried for some evps while the others went around back where the basement stairs were located. It was pretty much uneventful while we were inside the house but as we walked out there was a very loud bang from within as though someone had dropped a ton of bricks on the wooden floor. Believe me, I was glad I was outside when that happened. The others were still around back and we thought maybe it was them but about that time we heard them say "Are they stomping on the floor?" meaning us. They yelled and asked us if we had made that sound. We answered back "no it was not us." The time had come to get out of there. We were all thinking that somebody alive was in the house and was trying to scare us off. It was enough ghost hunting for one night.
We didn't pick up any evps but we did get a strange photo. The light streak you see is because the shutter on my camera was too slow, and caused these light streaks. What is strange is the black thing? Ecto mist? Some kind of black energy? I'll call it a black energy streak for lack of a better word, that interrupts the light streak. It is not Brady's arms, you can see where his arms are. If it were his arm or jacket the energy streak would not be broken, it would have continued. It is not something that someone stuck in front of the camera. You can see it does not extend off the page. It is hard to see where it begins and ends because it is black and so is Brady's jacket. 
Whatever it is, it has to be between me and the streak of light because it breaks up the streak. It seems as though it is trying to block Brady's path. I did not see this black thing when taking the photo. 

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ghost hunt photos  .gif

The black thing appears to be in front of the light streaking from the camera.

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ghost hunt black thing photos.gif

Close up of back thing. There is no explanation that we have come with as to why it looks as though it is between me and light.

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ghost hunt  long tree covered driveway .gif

Two photos of the very long, very spooky looking driveway. It seemed to take forever to reach the house. It felt like something was going to jump out of the trees at any second. Luckily nothing did.

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ghosts abandoned broadhouse.gif

Two photos of the outside of the abandoned house. As spooky as it looks it was not nearly as spooky as the walk to it.
We will be investigating many of these abandoned farmhouses but I don't think Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team will be doing any more investigations at this farm house. 

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