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Ghost hunt, Sunset Cemetery, evps and photos by Ghost Hunters

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Ghost hunt Sunset Cemetery 5/20/05
Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team entered Sunset Cemetery armed with recorders for evps and cameras to catch some ghost photos.
Sunset, which is on the west side of Columbus, is just one of Ohio's many haunted cemeteries. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl that was murdered a few years back. Her body had been found in another cemetery but her final resting place is Sunset. Darla, a Ghost Hunters member had known this girl so she was very anxious to do a ghost hunt at this cemetery.
It was an interesting night, being in a grave yard at night is always spooky. Especially when we heard the screaming in the distance. And while Brian and Darla were back by the crematorium they heard moaning, as though someone was in pain. They said it was pretty loud and they couldn't wait to hear the evp on play back, but the recorder did not pick up the moaning!
Around midnight, just as we were about to end the ghost hunt, a black hearse drove slowly through the cemetery, stopping near our cars. Seeing a hearse in a cemetery at night is very freaky. It slowly continued on it's way back to the area where the crematorium is located. We didn't see it again until we were headed toward the front gate, then it followed us out but it seemed as though it was trying to stay way behind us.

Brady and Angie were in the baby section when they got this evp. We think says "Jen" or maybe "Jim"

"Jen - Jim" evp

babies graves section ghost hunt photos.gif
Baby section Sunset Cemetery

There are at least two evps in this one. You hear me say "let's get in the car" then a voice says "I smart" This voice does not belong to any of us. Then you hear a faint ok which is probably someone from our group but it is followed by a high pitchd, funny sounding "ok" that is not any of us.

"I smart ok" evps

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