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Ghost Investigations at the Strand Theatre

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Ghost investigations by G.H.O.S.T. at the Strand Theatre.

Movies aren't the only thing to see at the Strand Theatre located in Delaware, Ohio. It is rumored that the Strand has several house ghosts. Workers there claim to see the ghost of a man dressed in clothes of the past lingering around the screen in the main theatre. Others claim if you sit in a certain chair in the balcony you will be tapped on the shoulder by a ghost. One of the workers told us that she thinks the ghost in the balcony is that of a young man named Rodney that was employed at the Strand in 1987 and died in a fire. She said he also likes to mess with the equipment. Others say you can often smell the perfume worn by a former owner, in the offices. 

Opened in 1916 as a vaudeville theatre the Strand is now a movie theatre and is definitely a spooky place at night. There are three theatres and many rooms upstairs including old dark dressing rooms used in the vaudeville days.

We have conducted two ghost investigations at the Strand so far but we haven't run into the old man or Rodney's ghost. But we did get some photo anomalies and a few evps. We heard footsteps that sounded as though someone was walking in a puddle of water. There was a small puddle in front of the stage but we did not find any prints.

Emf spikes occured several times as well as temporary temperature drops but we were not able to document anything on video or in photos at the time of these changes.

At one point we left the recorders in the main theatre and you can hear us talking as we walk away. There is a long dragged out loud voice over the rest of us, that sounds like it might be saying "I'm hungry."  We were the only ones in the theatre and the voice is none of us.

I'm hungry evp

It seems there may be several hungry ghosts at the Strand. This one was also recorded when we left the recorders in in the main theatre while taking a break. It sounds like "hungry" is spoken very quickly.

hungry evp

This sounds like it might say "who all came back." It was recorded in the main theatre on the second night.

who all came back evp

Click the images for a larger view.

ghost investigations blackmist.jpg

There was not a strap on the camera. We do not use camera straps. The person that took the photo was holding the camera out in front of him and has short hair so it's not his hair hanging over the lens. More than likely it is a fiber in the air or something on the lens that he did not know was there.

ghost investigations.jpg

There is something white to the left of the column. In the top corner is the white thing lightened and enlarged.


We look forward to more ghost investigations at the Strand. 
We would like to say thank you to Whitney for making it possible.

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