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Ghost Hunt, EVPs recorded at Rolling Hills, Bethany New York

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We attended a ghost hunt at Rolling Hills located in Bethany, New York on August 5, 2005. Several evps were captured on digital voice recorders and on camcorders.

I was really excited to find out that the new owner was now offering ghost hunts at the former orphanage and insane asylum. I did not have a hard time convincing the rest of my team to make the six hour trip.

We arrived for the ghost hunt about 9:00. We signed in and were given a tour and information about the ghost activity that occurs on each floor. After the tour our group decided to go to an upper floor first even though the temperature up there was 94 degrees. We hoped that most of the other people would be checking out the lower floors first where it was cooler. We were right, nobody was on the upper floors. We sat in the room for a while taking photos and letting any ghosts that may be there get comfortable with our presence. Our recorders were running for catching evps. Darla was using the emf meter and it started spiking. Just then she heard what she described as shuffling footsteps out in the hall but nobody was out there. Around this same time I was sitting on the floor by myself, the other members were at the other end of the room. I had snapped a few pictures and noticed in the view finder that it looked like there were smears on the far wall. Right before I ask about the smears you hear a male voice say arrest him or them now.

"Arrest him/them now" evp

Then Brian tells me the yellow smears might be concrete repairs and I say "maybe that's what I seen." A few seconds later you hear "no I saw it too." You will need to turn your speakers up, it is very faint. It is at the 3 seconds mark.

" I saw it too" evp

In the room known as the Christmas room there is a bed which Tonya was laying on. I asked her if she layed down and went to sleep and she answered "this is a comfortable bed I'm telling ya." Then you can hear what sounds like "me go bed" at the 8 seconds mark.

Me go bed

This evp was recorded a room that once had iron shackles on the wall. To us it sounds like "should I kill."

"should I kill" evp

The rooms upstairs produced several evps. In this one Brian tells Darla to come here but she didn't hear what he said. You will hear her say "huh?" then a few seconds later a faint voice whispers "Darla" at about the 4 seconds mark.

"Darla" evps

Angie, another member of Ghost Hunters, caught the following evp on her camcorder when leaving the rec room.

"let me go" evp

This evp was recorded by Angie in the Christmas room. We were just sitting and waiting. No questions were asked at the time this was recorded. It sounds like a female. We think it says "can't go away"

"can't go away" evp

We took many photos the night of our ghost hunt. One showed a mist near the building. The mist is in the distance, far from where we were standing. Look between the porch and the sign. This is not smoke.

Ghost Hunt Roliing Hills mist
rising from ground

Close up of mist at  Rolling Hills ghost hunt
close up

We had a great time and plan to attend another ghost hunt this fall.

Visit Rolling Hills to schedule a ghost hunt.

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