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Ghosts may
Ghost investigations haunted Galloway barn.gif
haunt this barn

Ghosts may haunt this old farm house on the west side of Columbus. This is one of our favorite places to investigate because it is where we get some awesome evps there. Although the house is small it seems to have several ghosts and spirits. We have recorded a lot of evps in the barn. The evps are quite clear and none needed to be enhanced. In the farmhouse we have taken many photos that have anomalies that may be ghosts. Not only is the house haunted, the barn is full of paranormal activity too. Strange voices, cries, whispers and banging sounds are captured on our recorders regularly. And this is not the only house on this land known to be haunted. There are several other haunted houses that we hope to get the chance to investigate. The total farm property is about 4000 acres. Of that, 250 acres are woods. There are lots of places for ghost hunting on this land.
January 8, 2005
We set up a Sony digital camcorder with nightshot in one part of the loft. Photos were taken with a Vivitar ViviCam 3746 and a Kodak Advantix 35 mm. A standard cassette recorder with external mike was used for evps. There were a few sounds as if someone or something bumped the recorder, what sounds like footsteps on the stairs and clinking sounds like chains in the distance. No voice evps were recorded.

When the equipment was retrieved from the barn it was found that the nightshot on the camcorder had not worked. Two evps were recorded in response to questions. Brady asked "can you tell us your name?"  The response was a quick "Uh oh." He then asked "does anyone have anything they would like to tell us?" The response was "its nothing." Both responses  were very clear.

"uh oh" evp

"It's nothing" evp

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Please note that we do not claim that the photos or videos on this site are in fact ghosts. They are anomalies we found to be interesting.

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Visual items may be removed from this web site if we find we no longer believe them to be evidence of the paranormal.
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