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Ghost story, by ghost hunters Brian and Darla

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Our ghost story. Spinning Wheels, by Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team members Brian and Darla.
We became ghost hunters because because of some events that happened in our previous rented home. We believe the house was haunted due the fact we could find no other explantions for some of strange things that went on. At the time we were not really believers and knew nothing about ghosts or ghost hunting. If we would have, you can bet we would have bought the cameras, camcorders and recorders a whole lot sooner because we didn't need to go on a ghost hunt, we were living with ghosts. The house was truly haunted.
Our ghost story.....
One time we watched 2 orbs (we did not know they were called orbs at that time) floating together, a couple feet from the floor, go from the hallway, around a corner and disappear into the bedroom. There was not any windows in the hallway and there was not a road on that side of the house so a car passing by was out of the question. They were very small.
We all have seen glasses or cans slide a little on a table when condensation builds up underneath them. But have you ever saw one move down a table, stop, slide to the right or left, about 2 inches, and then go back the other way? We did! Now we are starting to think this house may be haunted.
One night we were awaken by loud banging coming from the closet. It was as if someone was swinging a hammer back and forth between two metal pipes. We lay there not moving a muscle, too scared to go investigate. The banging continued for several minutes then all was quiet. Somehow we finally managed to go back to sleep. The next day we examined the closet and nothing looked out of the ordinary. The haunted house theory is growing stronger at this point.
We were always seeing a fleeting "something" out of the corner of our eyes. When we would turn to look there was nothing there. 
We had brought the children's bicycles into the house one evening to prevent theft. We were sitting in the kitchen playing cards and the bikes were a few feet from us. One of the bikes was laying on it's side because the kick stand was broken. All of a sudden the wheel started spinning, not slowly, but hard and fast.  Remember turning your bike upside down as a child and spinning the wheel?  That was what was happening only nobody was spinning it. There was no breeze, fan or anything else that would have caused this. There were three people in the room, us and a friend. Needless to say our jaws dropped and we looked at each other in amazement. We could not believe what we were seeing. Then the spinning stop. We all said at once "what the hell was that?" when it started spinning the other way. After about a minute it stopped for the last time. If this wasn't paranormal what is?  When we told friends & family about this they thought we were crazy or making it up. Of course they didn't believe in ghosts. But we sure did. We were living in a haunted house.
We moved shortly after that. Looking back now we don't think the ghosts were trying to harm us, they just wanted to get our attention. And that they did!
The house has since been sold. We hope to contact the new owners soon to ask if they have had any strange experiences. We would love to go back and try for some evps and set up camcorders.

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