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This ghost story was submitted by Angela Adams of South Salem, Ohio.

My grandparents Vernon and Pearlie bought the house in the earlly 60's. They were the first to live in it and it had been open farm land before that. But from the very beginning people would say that they had felt, heard or saw ghosts in it.
My great uncle Glynville lived a few houses down on the left and when he came visiting he would peck on the front window as he passed to the front door. After his death a shadow would be seen coming from the direction of his house. And when the door was checked no one would be there. We could never place the shadow as belonging to any other source. Could it have been his ghost?
Most of the sightings in the house  were of a man in a dark suit that walked down the hallway going toward the bedrooms. He never stopped or looked around in his journey. Many years later my grandma told me that it was her brother Roscoe just going to the middle bedroom closet where she had hung one of his suits after his death. At the time that was my bedroom and although I never saw the man in the room the door had a way of opening all by itself. You could close the door and then watch as the knob would be turned and the door would slowly open. Not just an inch but all the way only to stop next to the wall.
My grandparents bedroom door would close on its own no matter how many times you opened it. The garage door also opened on its own. Many people that have visited have seen it do this.
My uncle Rick told a story of why none of his friends would enter the house. One day after school he and several of his friends came home to watch a home movie of a drag race they had went to. They closed the curtains and blocked the windows on the door. No light was seen anywhere in the room. As they settled down on the floor one of Rick's friends pointed out a small bullet shaped light resting in the corner of the room directly over the window. As the boys watched the light slowly moved across the ceiling down the opposite wall to the floor. The boys searched for a light source for several minutes when the light again appeared. This time it was in the other corner and moving back to its original spot above the window. Upon seeing this the boys left the house and never returned inside. The strange thing is the bullet shaped light first appeared from the direction of uncle Gylnvilles house. He was found shot to death several years earlier. The police declared it a suicide but he was shot in the back of the head by a shotgun.
My other uncle Bill after many years told his own tale of coming home from work to hear small children playing in the back hall. He thought it was my uncle Roy and I. After calling to us and receiving no answer he decided to check on us and "see what we were up to." He could hear the children until he turned the last corner into the hallway where the voices just stopped. No one has heard them since.
No matter what room you were in you could hear a tapping noise coming from the corner of the room. Always 3 taps then silence followed by 3 more taps. We never could find the source. Was it ghosts causing the tapping?
The last thing that I witnessed in the house took place this past February after my grandma's death. We had gathered at the house to get ready for the visitation. My sister Debbie was in the kitchen making the casket spray and the baskets from the family. My mom was sitting at one end of the table and I was standing off to the side on the other side of the room.  Debbie was at the other end of the table behind me. Mom and I were talking when both of us heard a soft whispery voice say OH MY!  My grandma always said that when she saw something she thought was pretty. Mom and I stopped and said at the same time "did you hear that"?  Debbie working not 2 feet away from me heard nothing. I think it was just Mammaw's ghost telling us she liked the flowers.
There are many more stories from that old house but telling them would take forever. And now that the house has been sold I wonder if the new owners will see or hear the many things that I did growing up there?  Were they ghosts?

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